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    May 13, 2013
    7:00 - 11:01am PDT  

christina loren says it looks like a nice one. >> have a great one. >> make it a great monday morning. good morning. the rescue. this morning, dramatic, new video of the freeing of the cleveland kidnapping victims as two of the brothers who were initially arrested speak out for the first time. developing now, a massive search under way in new orleans for three suspects who opened fire at a mother's day parade. at least 19 people wounded, including several children. and space oddity, an astronaut creates an out of this world music video. ♪ ♪ here am i floating in my tin can ♪ >> david bowie smiling and this guy headed back to earth is an internet sensation. "today," may 13th, 2013.
good morning, welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> good morning, everyone. i am savannah guthrie. we've heard about the rescue of the three women in cleveland and for the first time we get to see what happened at the house of horrors one week ago. >> we're learning more about the possible defense strategies that could be used by the suspect in this case. let's get to "today" national investigative correspondent jeff rossen. he's in cleveland. jeff, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, savannah, good morning to you. a lot to get to this morning, including ariel castro sitting in this 9 by 9 jail cell
beginning to map out his defense strategy. there are other big headlines over the weekend as well. ariel castro's brothers, arrested and cleared by police they're speaking out for the first time. what do they have to stay about their brother? and, of course, that dramatic video you mentioned, taking you inside the moment police officers rushed up this sidewalk and freed the girls from that house. in this cell phone video obtained by nbc news, officers rush to the scene, pushing in the front door. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> reporter: once inside, gina dejesus and michelle knight jumped into officers' arms. the bystanders who shot the video say they saw amanda berry outside in tears holding her 6-year-old daughter. >> she was saying that she needed help, that they were in danger, she just kept hugging the cop and telling them, you know, like keep me protected. >> reporter: police arrested ariel castro and his two brothers, pedro and onil. the two brothers were later cleared. they spoke to cnn sunday.
>> i could never think of doing anything like that. if i knew that my brother was doing this, i would not be, i i would not -- in a minute, i would call the cops because that ain't right. if i knew, i would have reported it. brother or no brother. >> reporter: now ariel castro is mounting his defense. over the weekend holding a private jailhouse meeting with his new lawyer, craig weintraub, a veteran defense attorney who specializes in sex crimes. some legal experts say, after castro reportedly confessed, one of his only options may be an insanity defense. >> we'll have to prove he couldn't tell the difference between right and wrong in ohio for every day for this ten-year period. it would be very difficult to establish that. the next best thing is to remove the death penalty situation and agree to a plea. >> plea guilty, prosecutor takes the death penalty off the table and he serves life.
>> and you save the victims of reliving the trauma of reliving this event in a public forum. >> reporter: so far the victim have avoided the spotlight, but now an update on what they're doing. in a statement, amanda says, "i am so happy to be home with my family." gina, "i want to thank everyone for all your prayers" and from michelle "i am healthy, happy and safe." their spokesman now pleading for their privacy. >> give them the time, the space and the privacy so that they can continue to get stronger. >> reporter: police want to open seymour avenue soon but they have a problem, they have to keep people out of that house. there may still be evidence in there. so now, matt, the city is building a 10 to 12-foot fence around it to keep the public out. >> thank you so much. new details on two controversial issues facing the obama administration now. peter alexander is nbc's white house correspondent. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. these days the white house would
like to focus on immigration reform and improving the economy but again today, driving the day, the issue of benghazi tragedy and misconduct by the irs. with the top republican on the house oversight committee saying that today he will request sworn depositions from the two men who oversaw that report on u.s. security failures in libya. a pair of growing controversies now dominating the discussion in washington. first the administration's handling of the deadly tragedy in benghazi, with republicans complaining of a coverup, demanding more hearings and accusing the obama administration of manipulating the facts. >> the american people were effectively lied to for a period of about a month. >> reporter: the white house says it's been forthcoming and says republicans are trying to politicize the issue. also raising red flags, news that irs agents targeted tea party groups for extra scrutiny. with an inspector general's report due out this week
expected to say that irs officials were aware of the targeting as early as 2011, contradicting former denials by the irs commissioner. >> this should send chills up your spine. this is something we cannot let stand. >> reporter: the white house called the irs's actions inappropriate and supports the investigation. fewer than four months since his ambitious public address he's facing obstacles. >> as mark twain said, rumors of my demise may be a little exaggerated at this point. >> reporter: some ask is president obama falling victim to the second-term curse. he wouldn't be the first. from watergate to iran-contra, even bill clinton's impeachment, second terms have been notoriously difficult. >> the presidents who weathered the crises best are those that do not let themselves get distracted. >> reporter: this morning the white house is hosting british prime minister david cameron for
a series of meetings, and it will be followed up, savannah, by a press conference in the rose garden, where it's almost certain the president will be asked about the talking points regarding benghazi and misconduct within the irs. >> peter alexander at the white house, thank you. we're following developing stories, the mother's day parade in new orleans where there was a shooting, and i know police are looking for the suspects. >> just an awful suspect there, matt. >> at least 19 people were wounded in the gunfire at the parade in new orleans. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more. >> reporter: today in new orleans a manhunt is under way after a mother's day celebration ended in chaos. >> we were all just standing out and shots started ringing out and everybody started running. >> reporter: the gunfire erupted at a parade where there was a police presence. no one was killed but at least 19 people were wounded, many grazed by bullets, a 10-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl are among the injured. police are now searching for three people seen running from the scene. >> it appeared that these two or three people just for a reason
unknown to us started shooting at, towards or in the crowd. >> reporter: this shooting comes after similar incidents at public events in new orleans earlier this year. in january, five people were shot after a martin luther king day parade. >> it really needs to stop. >> reporter: and before mardi gras on bourbon street four people were hurt when gunmen opened fire. >> it's important for us to change the culture of death on the streets of new orleans to a culture of life, and it's going to take an all hands on deck approach. >> reporter: as for the most recent shooting police aren't sure whether certain people in the crowd were targeted or the gunshots were random. either way the violence hard to take in on mother's day. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news. an overnight house fire just outside of philadelphia has killed at least six people, including four children. four firefighters were also injured battling the powerful blaze. the cause of the fire is now under investigation.
o.j. simpson makes a court appearance today in nevada. the 65-year-old is serving 9 to 33 years in prison after a jury found him guilty of a 2007 armed robbery. the former football star is seeking a new trial as his legal team tries to convince a judge that his previous trial lawyer shouldn't have handled simpson's case at all. simpson was acquitted of killing his ex-wife and her friend in 1995. british prime minister david cameron visits the white house, as we heard peter alexander saying a little bit earlier, for talks ranging from the syria war to nuclear ambition and the middle east peace process. the two will also prepare for the g-8 summit that cameron will run next month in northern ireland. and now let's head to wall street, cnbc's mary thompson is at the new york stock exchange. could the dow be on track for another week of record highs? >> we can hope so. there are concerns about catalysts because earnings season is winding down so there are questions about what could
push the markets higher. in other business news, hong kong remains the most expensive city to open up shop. property giant cre saying that rents in prime shopping areas in hong kong are 50% more than they are in new york city and almost four times what they are in london and paris. "iron man 3" topped the debut weekend of "the great gatsby" and wall street gets back to work with the dow and s&p finishing at record highs friday. natalie, back to you. >> mary thompson at the new york stock exchange, thank you. after more than 50 years in television legendary newscaster barbara walters announces today that she'll retire in 2014. walters' groundbreaking on air career began here on "today" back in 1961, when she became the first female co-host of this show in 1974, and over the next four decades, she became famous for candid interviews with celebrities and news makers. walters tells "the new york times" she will miss being on
the air, and over the next year, she will appear in a series of specials and career retrospectives. hard to imagine a day without barbara walters on the air. >> you have to have several specials because she's had such an amazing career. >> truly. a groundbreaker for so many of us. >> wow, wow, wow, a reflection. >> something in your eye? >> how about that? i tweeted this morning a little photo you might want to check out. savannah, you have big news over the weekend. >> yes! i got engaged over the weekend to my boyfriend. [ cheers and applause ] mike sullivan, who i adore. >> that's good news. >> we've been dating for four years so he said no one will accuse us of rushing into anything and i just came in this morning and wearing this ring hoping that one of my colleagues here might notice, and i even ate my oatmeal like this in front of you and i was stretching in front of you and no one noticed.
>> you could have seen it from across the room. it's a beauty. >> we've been waiting for a while now. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> so excited for you. >> "today" throws a wedding! >> don't even think it. i'm really happy. we're really excited. >> and congratulations to mr. feldman. he's a great guy. >> and for our mothers, they're excited. speaking of ice we have a lot to show you besides savannah's ice. take a look at this. we have some video of ice to show you but i guess we're not going to do that. anyway you look at the jet stream we have warm weather stretching from the great lakes down to the gulf coast. that was last week. this week, jettreams way up to the northwest to the south and east so we have frost and freeze warnings from the southeast into the northeast today with freeze warnings and watches. temperatures chicago 61, ten degrees below normal, cincinnati 63, detroit chilly as well, 69
in charlotte, 70 in atlanta which is nine degrees below normal and here in the northeast new york city a high of only 59. 62 d.c. 50 in buffalo. we're going to get to your local forecast in just a moment, right after this message. funny, yes? no. there's nothing mini about me. i'm huge. ahem. any hoo. even my wrapper has a wrapper. flavor? i'm bursting with it. creamy? i ooze it. quality like this... (muffled):...doesn't come everyday. well technically it does because i'm in the grocery but... ooh, how you doin'? rich. creamy. and 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger.
good monday morning. we are going to see rapid clearing now. as a result, temperatures will be warm, 85, on the way to livermore. 85, gilroy. right here in san jose. 79 degrees. holding on one more day in the 70s in san francisco. hope you have a great day. growing concerns over the environment this morning. a new report showing carbon-dioxide has reached levels not seen in millions of years. ann thompson is nbc's chief environmental affairs correspondent. good morning to you. co2 levels in our atmosphere. it's a number that fluctuates throughout the year but the amount of co2 surpassed the threshold that scientists say signals we are running out of time to reverse the impact of global warming. from the serene setting high atop hawaii's mauna loa volcano
a danger sign, the highest carbon dioxide levels in human history, 400 parts per million. >> the rate of change is accelerating, that's something all of us need to be concerned about. >> reporter: the amount of carbon dioxide has risen dramatically since the industrial revolution from 280 parts per million to the recent 400 parts per million milestone. man made carbon dioxide is produced when we use coal for electricity or oil and gas to get around. co2 traps heat in the atmosphere. too much and it warms the earth, changing the climate causing ice caps and ice sheets to melt, sea levels to rise, and how much is too much? many scientists say we are rapidly approaching the 450 parts per million that could push climate change beyond the point of no return but some disagree saying those fears are wildly overblown.
>> i think probably in my lifetime we'll surpass 500 parts per million co2 but it simply should be now recognized it has no bearing on the temperature of the earth. >> reporter: a growing number of scientists say it is not a risk worth taking. >> do we really want to play you know chicken with the environment, when in fact we don't need to? >> adding to the problem, carbon dioxide stays in the atmosphere for decades which means that reversing the trend will not be an easy task. >> you said we haven't seen levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere like this for millions of years so just give me a sense, and i'm not suggesting you were covering it back then. >> there are days when i feel like i was. hey! >> give me a sense what was happening with the planet the last time the levels got this high. >> it was actually 3 million years ago which is about 1 million years before i was born but the last time this happened, the sea levels were 60 to 80
feet higher than they are today so just imagine. most of the earth was covered with water, much more, three-quarters of the earth is covered with water today so imagine a completely different planet and it was long before humans were walking the face of the earth. >> anne thompson thank you very much. >> you're welcome. prince harry seems to be enjoying his whirlwind tour of the u.s.. ben fogle has been tagging along for the royal road trip. >> good morning, congratulations, savannah. >> thank you. >> prince harry is never more comfortable than when he's in his military fatigues surrounded by soldiers. this is how captain wales has spent most of his tour. another day, another stop from what's become prince harry's u.s. charm offensive, this time bringing his star power to the warrior games. >> racers ready. >> reporter: the competition for military servicemen and women. >> no reason why the war games
shouldn't be recognized worldwide, same amount of attention. >> reporter: the prince lit the ceremony torch with bradley snyder and four-time olympic gold medal winner missy franklin, having already wished him happy hop day. did you give him swimming advice? >> i did not but i'd be more than happy to service. >> reporter: he tried a different sport, getting a lesson in that other football from cadets at the u.s. air force academy. and accidentally hitting a row of photographers. which led to a more supportive role with the cheerleaders. he also joined the british sitting volleyball team in an exhibition against misty may treanor.
prince harry gave you a kiss, whereabouts? >> two, two. >> reporter: this is the prince's first official trip to the u.s. since its infamous unofficial advise id to vegas last summer. stops here have helped distinguish the prince from that visit. >> he served two tours in afghanistan, he's extremely committed to his career. he's in his element because he's just one of the boys. >> there are no public engagements for the prince today. tomorrow he's back in action in new york city and the jersey shore. >> ben fogle thank you and tell him i'm no longer available. >> missed the window. >> he may just go home today. >> thank you. coming up, a slow motion disaster, what is causing homes in one california neighborhood to sink. and why one woman gets lost every day, even in her own home, but first, this is "today" on nbc. crash dating!
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coming up, is 9 too young to start talking to your kids about drinking? and bradley cooper will be here live on the final "hangover" movie or is it the final "hangover" movie. we'll talk to him after a check of your local news and weather. ♪ if you're happy and you know it, clap your hands. ♪ ♪ si te sientes muy feliz aplaude así.♪ ♪ if you're happy and you know it, ♪ ♪ then your life will surely show it. ♪ ♪ si te sientes muy feliz aplaude así. ♪
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fine-tune your personal economy. start today with a free one-on-one review of your retirement plan. it is 7:26. i'm jon kelley. warning this problem could delay the opening of the new span. they discovered hundreds of threaded rods that could be vulnerable to cracking if exposed to hydrogen from rainwater. they are meant to protect the bridge during a major earthquake. inspecting them will not be a simple task considering they are on the base of the tower. caltrans was already dealing with fallout after dozens of bolts were found to have cracks and cracked when they were tightened. following last week's deadly crash.
organizers say anything is possible including a complete shutdown of the race. a formal meeting will be held tomorrow in san francisco with all four teams in that competition. they will be reviewing the evidence after thursday's deadly capsize of america's cup catamaran and recommend if any changes are necessary. a funeral for two-time olympic gold medalist, andrew simpson, is expected to take place tomorrow in his home country of england. are you ready for day one of the workweek? we certainly home so. if you want to get that weather look, christina loren is here. as you can see, we have lots of cloud cover specially over the san francisco bay. that's the golden gate bridge. happy to report. with all the low clouds, everything is on time out of sfo and san francisco to start the day. back to business, back to work monday. as we head throughout the day today, temperatures are going to be warm today. they will be the warmest in the extended peer, 88, inland, 77 bayside at the coast. just 70 degrees. tomorrow, we cool you off. significant cooling thursday into friday when the low 70s
return. not cooling you off when it comes to your morning rush. that is picking up. a tough drive already for many east bay spots. we are looking over 880 southbound coming toward us. this is through fremont. this just shows the slowing. the map will show you it is not so bad as far as the speed goes. just starting to slow more off of the dumbarton bridge southbound. 680 also slow down in towards sunol. 84, 580 all jammed up and really gummed up here. earlier crash on 238 has cleared.
is 17% more likely to get her number if he's carrying a guitar instead of a tuba player -- >> we all love "snl" seth myers with the "weekend update." now he's on to bigger and brighter things, taking over "late night" from jimmy fallon when fallon takes over "the tonight show." hello to folks on the plaza 7:30 on this monday morning, i'm savannah guthrie along matt lauer, al roker and natalie morales. also ahead we've all gotten lost but what if you didn't know where you were in your own home and what if it happens basically
every day. one woman opens up about a rare condition. it began with a trip to las vegas. will it end there? oscar nominee bradley cooper stops by to hell us that the high jinh high jinks that await us in "the hangover 3." we're kicking off "today's" kickoff adventure one week in hawaii and from there ja mesic yellowstone national park. >> day three the shores of lake michigan enjoying the food and fun of chicago. we told you, chicago, we're coming to you and off to orlando, florida's tourist mecca. we won't be riding coasters. >> no. >> hold me out and we'll wrap up our week on the jersey shore, rebuilt stronger than ever after superstorm sandy. live concert from the band fun and we'll all collapse.
that's "today's great american adventure" kicks off one week from today. >> should be fun. >> yellow stone will be on the nippy side. >> cold and rainy maybe? the new campaign is being rolled out today urging parents to talk to their children about the dangers of drinking and they want to you start very early. nbc's tom costello has details on that, good morning. >> the peer pressure on kids to drink can be enormous and it starts when kids are as young as 9. studies show 10 million kids under the age of 21 drank in the past month and this campaign to get parents involved at a far younger age than most of us ever thought necessary. at 20 years old, johnny huber wasn't supposed to be drinking and wasn't supposed to die in a car crash along with two of his closest friends. >> i thought he knew better than to get in a car with someone
that was probably drunker than he was. >> reporter: for any parent the statistics are sobering, a 2009 study found 42% of high school students drank within the past 30 days. 24% binge drank. another study found while 70% of high school seniors had tried alcohol at some point, so had 33% of eighth graders. >> i've been meaning to ask you, is there any drinking going on in this crowd? >> no. >> reporter: now a new national campaign urges parents to talk to kids about drinking when they're as young as 9 years old. >> any of your buddies pressure you to take a drink tell them you promised your dad you wouldn't. i'd do anything to keep you safe. >> okay, i will. >> i hope this is working. >> i promise. love you, too, dad. >> they really do hear you. >> this is a major health problem facing the nation and children start drinking as early as 10 or 12 years old so you need to get the messages in
before they start. >> reporter: 190,000 people under the age of 21 are treated in emergency rooms each year for alcohol related injuries. 5,000 kids die in alcohol-related incidents. >> our family, you know, has a huge hole that will never, you know, go away. >> this new campaign urging parents to talk to their young kids is kicking off before the summer because studies show that's when kids often take their first drink. experts insist kids hear what we say as parents even if they don't always act like they do hear us. >> tom costello an important story for all parents. thanks very much. here's savannah. how do you pass time on the international space station? one astronaut decided to make a music video during his nearly five-month stay and it's become quite a sensation.
keir simmons has the story. >> if you lose your grip on the. ic it will go floating off, but commander chris hatfield is no ordinary spaceman. you could say he's really made the grade. ♪ this is ground control to major tom, you've really made the grade ♪ >> reporter: he's the singing spaceman and bowie fan who last night posted this video while floating above earth. ♪ and i'm floating in a most peculiar way ♪ >> reporter: an astronaut performing while in space an iconic song about an astronaut in space may seem surreal. ♪ 15,000 miles an hour >> reporter: but in february commander chris hatfield gave a live perform abs with a choir and the lead singer from the band bare naked ladies.
on youtube he explained how to brush your teeth while weightless, how to clip your nails during months on the international space station. >> the vacuum later in the week. >> reporter: or even how to shave. >> wiping the razor on a cloth. >> reporter: he's become a twitter sensation with almost 800,000 followers posting incredible pictures of the world from florida to boston just yesterday. here is africa last night and a different view of war-torn syria. ♪ floating in my tin can >> reporter: hadfield has opened people's eyes and as ground control calls him back later today he can surely say he's completed his mission and much more. commander hadfield has almost as many twitter followers as justin bieber and pamela anderson, maybe not justin bieber who has
39 million followers just to bring him down to earth a little bit but i love where he's trying to eat and chasing the chocolate across the space station. >> he makes space look great. i hope it inspires lots of kids out there. keir simmons, thanks. what a voice, too. >> gets back down to earth somebody should sign him up. in the meantime let's get a cheng of the weather from mr. roker. >> announcer: "tooled's weather" is brought to you by the american cancer society, the official sponsor of birthdays. >> i see a next contestant for the next iteration of "the voice." soulful seniors from st. louis. having a good time? >> yes, mother's day present. >> reporter: mother's day you brought your mom? >> i'm the mom. motown! >> st. louis to motown, you got it called covered. maybe they went to the play, did you go to the play? >> yes. >> that's it, okay.
let's show you what's going on? can't get much by me, yeah, really. above normal temperatures for the early week period western two-thirds of the country. by the midweek warm out west, wet weather along the west coast, above normal temperatures in the northern plains and latter part of the week above normal temperatures a big portion of the mid section of 7:38 on a back to work monday. good morning. i'm meteorologist, christina loren. taking a live look. gray skies, may gray has returned. this is oakland this morning. it is not going to be the case all day long. the sun will breakthrough those clouds. already doing so in san jose. as a result, it is going to be a warm day, just about as warm as yesterday. 85 degrees on the way to livermore. 85, gilroy, 77, fremont, 79 in redwood city. you will hit about 71 in san francisco. getting into the next couple days, the cooldown is on low 70s by thursday.
>> that's your latest weather. you got a little something on your mustache. other side. that's her mustache? okay. savannah? >> you should have quit after the "you had a little something on your mustache." >> it's a look. up next a woman with a challenging condition, why she gets lost every day even when she's in her own home. is this proof from 1945 proving that jay-z is a time traveler? first these messages. the perfect time -- during our toyota time sales event. [ man ] big frame, strong hitch! this thing is built to tow, huh, jan? sure is! and the tundra is extremely rugged! [ woman ] rugged, dependable. that's what i've been telling him. [ man ] that's true. [ male announcer ] and now for a limited time, get 0% apr financing on a rugged and dependable 2013 tundra. the toyota time sales event is here. hurry in today. toyota. let's go places.
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back at 7:43, have you ever gotten lost somewhere you should
know? it happens to one woman every day and as nbc's kristen dahlgren explains, it's tied to a medical problem that may affect more people than we realize. >> reporter: we've all had that feeling, lost, turned around, panicked. >> circles are bad for me and so are angles. >> reporter: for sharon roseman that's every day. >> i can literally see my house out the car window, but i have no clue that it's my house. >> reporter: even in her own home nothing looks familiar because she has developmental topographical disorientation or dtd. dtd was first discovered in 2008 but roseman has had it her whole life. she remembers being 5 and asking her mom where they were. >> i said, this doesn't look like our house and that's when she pointed her finger at my face and she said, don't ever
tell anybody, because they'll say you're a witch and they'll burn you. >> reporter: she didn't talk about it again for years, never even told her ex-husband, and when her kids cried in the night -- >> where i thought i was heading to go out the doorway of my bedroom was now a wall, and i would bang right into it. >> reporter: her brain doesn't have the ability to create an internal map. >> this refrigerator is over there and the microwave is now over there. >> reporter: for years no one understood. doctors suggested she had a split personality until dr. jaria discovered it was dtd. about 1,000 others have been diagnosed so far. roseman hopes someday there's a cure or at the very least an understanding. >> i want someday to have a child in kindergarten or first grade to be able to say to the teacher, this isn't really the room that we always are in, is it? and i want that teacher to know
about it. >> reporter: for "today," kristen dahlgren, nbc news, highlands ranch, colorado. for more on dtd including tests to see if you or your child may have it, head to our website coming up, "hangover 3" star bradley cooper will be here live but first these messages. for years. centrum silver.n both of us actually. our pharmacist recommended it. and that makes me feel pretty good about it. and then i heard about a study looking at multivitamins and the long term health benefits. and what do you know? they used centrum silver in the study. makes me feel even better, that's what i take. sorry, we take. [ male announcer ] centrum. the most recommended. most preferred. most studied. centrum, always your most complete.
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♪ we're back now, 7:50, by the way it was a big weekend not only for savannah but for "saturday night live," kristen wiig returned to host and on sunday seth myers will succeed jimmy fallon of late night, it was announced. he's a terrificically talented guy. >> we'll miss him from the weekend update desk. i guess it wasn't much of a
shock. >> he's such a good guy and he's so, such genius comedically. >> both anchors getting their own late night shows. >> if you're an aspiring late night host practice on weekdays. let's listen to what some of kristin wiig had to say. ♪ tonight's the night i'm gonna make it happen ♪ ♪ tonight i'm hosting "snl" for you ♪ ♪ cause even though i've been away a while now ♪ ♪ i still know camera one from camera two ♪ >> she can relate to that. >> we've all been there. >> she reprised a bunch of her beloved roles, target lady. >> good seeing her back on again.
>> debut 2014. >> right across the street both of them. >> we're never going to get up in the elevator now. >> because it's all about us. >> bradley cooper is here, after your local news. [ male announcer ] one ordinary family... with one extraordinary purpose... to get "man of steel" advanced screening tickets. [ movie announcer voice ] at walmart. see "man of steel" at your local theater before anyone else. get in line 8 a.m. may 18th at walmart. rated pg-13. that hasn't been cleared yet. ♪ uh! i just want to celebrate
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it is 7:56. good morning. i'm jon kelly. graffiti cleanup going on in the south bay could mean trouble for tonight. they will be painting over highway 110 at 13th street. closing lanes for that cleanup which runs through wednesday. caltrans has started notifying drivers about the closures that will go from 10:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning. san jose, and union pacific railroad will share the cost of the cleanup. starting at 9:30 this morning, drivers can expect delays at the dumbarton bridge toll plaza as workers install a new automated toll collection system. a sngle lane will be closed each day from 9:30 a.m. until 6:00 a.m. the next day. that will happen from now through may 22nd. toll lane number six will be closed today. for now, let's get a check on the monday weather and check in with christina loren
sticking to the bridge theme as you can see. you can barely see the golden gate bridge here. we do have good news. the fog is starting to clear. no flight delays. now in san jose. look at this, completely clear conditions. san francisco, same blue skies. it is going to take a while. by about noon, completely sunny skies expected over the greater bay area. highs are going to be warm as a result. 85 degrees on the way to livermore. 87, fairfield. 79 degrees today in redwood city. cooldown, the story of the week. we are going to take your temperatures down substantially as we head through thursday into friday. the low 70s inland. upper 60s, bayside. 7:57. rush-hour and busy dumbarton construction starts at 9:30. the san mateo brinl, all lanes are open but all are slow heading across the westbound commute. no incidents on the span. it is just slow. the map shows you recovering through castro valley. the castro valley yfrmt"y."
the dumbarton bridge, there is your south bay slowdown. wow, the track looks perfect. now we just need guests. yeah, so they can race! hey! kachow! bellissimo! guido! our tires are a-flying!
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♪ it's 8:00 now on a monday morning, the 13th day of may, 2013. you know when it's a bit cooler here in new york city it almost feels like football weather so guess what? we've got the cheering squad from the university of georgia out on the plaza this morning, all part of something called varsity week here on the "today" show, with those talented flippers in just a couple of minutes. >> can i make a recommendation? don't walk on the padding with high heels. i almost fell over. >> out on the plaza, matt lauer along with savannah guthrie and al roker, and you know who else is here, not only the university
of georgia bulldog cheerleaders but bradley cooper, making his way into the studio right now. he of course is one of the standards of the brand new "hangover" films, "hangover part 3" and we'll find out what the wolf pack has in store for us when we talk to bradley in a couple of minutes. >> and how's this for a tease, how to look better naked. we will show you how. well, we'll kind of show you. >> how much time do we have? and the largest generation of americans ever, the 20 somethings make up the group we call milennials, this he love to live through social media, full of confidence and how they're influencing and actually changing the world. you know what else is happening tomorrow? >> what? >> dan brown of "the da vinci code lost symbol" is releasing his newest book, this one is called "inferno" and if it's anything like his books in the past it will be a huge sensation so we actually today we'll have
an exclusive interview with dan tomorrow but today we have a first clue that will tell you something about the story so let's take a look behind us. >> hmm. >> the place featured in dan brown's new book inferno often called the church of love, it's the holy place where people worship god, but they also come to pay homage to a great man from a time of rebirth. inside is the tomb of a lady of legend and a basket of letters left by people hoping to overcome unrequitted love. this lady is the inspiration and great work of literature and art and made famous by a man who allegedly only met her twice. who is this lady that holds a precious clue in dan brown's new book and what is this location? ♪ duh, duh, duh >> he's really good at this. i have zero guesses i had to
cheat and find out what it is. if you have a guess go on twitter, use #danbrowntoday and we will reveal the answer in the next half hour. >> natalie has a check of the headlines. good morning once again, matt, savannah and al and good morning, everyone. dramatic cell phone video emerged showing last week's police rescue of three women who had been imprisoned in a cleveland house for a decade. it was recorded by officers rushing up to the house pushing in the front door. the brothers of suspect ariel castro originally arrested but then cleared in that case say if they had known what ariel was allegedly doing they would have called police. new fallout from last september's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the top republican on the house oversight committee will request sworn depositions from the two men who oversaw the scathing report on the security failures
in libya, republicans are claiming the obama administration had manipulated facts for a coverup. the family of former national hockey league player derek bugard is suing them for wrong of the death. he was 28-year-old. his family claims the nhl is responsible for the brain damage he suffered during the six season as a so-called team enforcer and addiction to pain killers. the nhl said it had not yet received a lawsuit and does not comment on pending litigation. an arrest in the fatal stabbing of an 8-year-old girl in california. ana navaz has the story. >> reporter: a small town remains in shock. >> the very core of our life is shaken. >> reporter: after authorities
announced an astonishing arrest in the killing of 8-year-old leila fowler. >> at 5:00 p.m. detectives arrested leila's 12-year-old brother at the valley spring substation and on charges of homicide. >> reporter: leila was found stabbed multiple times in her home two weeks ago her 12-year-old brother the only witness. his initial statement a man broke in and killed his sister launched a massive manhunt across this rural tight knit community. friends and families rallied at a vigil last week. >> i want to thank the community and all of our family and friends for the overwhelming amount of support you've given my family. >> reporter: they have not yet commented on the arrest of one of their sons, as anguish as turned to disbelief that leila's own brother could have committed the crime. >> i didn't want to believe it. you kind of thought so but it's not something you want to believe. >> reporter: and a family bearing the burden of one
devastating blow now struggles to deal with another. ana navaz, nbc news, los angeles. another victory on the tiger woods comeback tour at one point tied with sergio garcia, woods ultimately won the players' championship in florida, it was the second time woods has won the difficult course, with his girlfriend skier lindsey vonn looking on from the gallery. let's get another check of the weather with al. >> announcer: "today's weather" is brought to you by the makers of non-drowsy claritin. you can experience non-drowsy powerful relief throughout the season. >> "trending today" is coming up, expanded edition of it and what a cutie. >> this is kylie olivia, she's a month old. >> reporter: where are you from? >> new jersey and her grandmother is from florida.
>> reporter: proud grandma, happy mother's day to both of but. >> thank you. >> let's show what you we've got as far as your weather for today. the pollen is blowing around, not so bad to the south but boy is it rough in the upper midwest into the plains states and northeast with eight to nine to ten, a lot of sniveling going on. wet weather making its way into e pacific northwest. we have a risk of strong storms back through the plains. beautiful day in the northeast, a little on the cool side, breezy conditions, frost and freeze warnings up from the ohio river valley into the northeast. look out west, 91 downtown in l.a., 102 in phoenix, 83 degrees in lal 8:07 on a back to work monday. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. this is san jose, mostly clear. all the low clouds have burned o but we've got flight delays stacking up out of sfo due to low ceilings. you want to check ahead. good news, elsewhere across the nation, we are right on time.
we'll keep you updated on the status of all flights as we head through the morning hours. temperatures comfortable, 85 livermore, repeat performance from yesterday,/o! 71 in san francisco. then we drop like a rock into the middle of the week. hope you have a great day. >> keep think being that beyonce "put a ring on it." >> it's my favorite song. >> not anymore. >> thank you. coming up next a supersized trending like you've never seen before, some of the big stories making news this morning and even bigger, bradley cooper is here getting miked up and ready. >> so sad now that you're off the market. >> oh, bradley, i am off the market. god, don't tempt me al, come on. and then the generation that's changing the world, the good and the bad when it comes to the milennial generation. we'll have that story right after this. . i'm still claritin clear ! i've been claritin clear for 12 days ! when your allergies start, doctors recommend taking one clinically-proven claritin
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is difficult. but choosing which one is even harder. yes! yes!!!! i'm accepted! it's amazing! i'm going to college. it's official. [screaming] i'm going to college! [screaming] yeah!!! i'm going to college! ♪ back at 8:12 with "what is
trending today." >> the top trending story around here is savannah guthrie who announced she got engaged over the week to understand michael feldman, a terrific guy, when you were on a romantic trip away. >> details. >> whoa! >> oh my gosh, thank you, bradley. wow. bradley cooper is here. >> wait a minute. >> michael, don't worry, you're okay. >> you just had the ring on a second ago. where did that go. >> my number's right in there. >> just kidding, thank you, bradley. mike is okay with that. >> some guys hate to lose. >> it's not over yet. >> you're not at the alter yet. >> mike and i have been together for four years and so like i said we didn't really rush into it but we're just so excited, he's the best person. he knows me inside and out and i think i know him pretty well,
too, and we just adore each other and our families love each other. like our families have basically been in-laws for years, just waiting for to us catch up and get with the program so. >> that's the way it should be. >> and now he says every time i go on vacation she always checks out my finger. >> i do, i do, so this time i didn't check because i didn't want to put any added pressure on you but this time it actually happened. >> wow. >> matt claims he did kind of try to ask about it. >> we have a code word we use for things likei said, it to her, "i might have news about that soon." i thought okay, people aren't talking about it. >> how happy a mother's day was it for both your moms? >> they're like hallelujah, lighting candles, at long last, we can't believe it. they're so excited and yeah, it's really fun. >> i have a feeling this isn't the last time we're going to talk about this. we might get a little mileage
out of this one. another story that's getting a lot of attention, we showed you a little bit earlier, chris hadfield the commander of the international space station, canadian, his last day in spaces release this is out of the world or out of this world music video. ♪ this is ground control to major tom, you've really made the grade ♪ >> of course that's "space oddity" by david bowby. i like it because he's got talent but a great way to connect to the younger generation. i'm worried kids these days don't care about space exploration like we did when we were kids, the apollo. maybe this is great and will light a fire under some kids. >> how can you not be inspired by seeing this? it shows the view from space from all the places around the world and i hope it stirs the heart and people get excited about it. this has been a time of budget
cuts for the space program so we hope it inspires a new generation. >> 800,000 have been clicking on and following him now so that says a lot about the power of what he can do and hopefully get that message out. >> that's a good thing. our other trending topic i saw this over the weekend and this has to be every homeowner's worst nightmare, homeowners in a northern california subdivision are on alert a mysterious sink hole that's hit the area, one person is calling it a slow motion disaster, eight homes abandoned, ten more under notice of eminent evacuation as the tilltop subdivision is getting swallowed. >> why is that happening? >> a lot of ground water is making its way up to the surface and they think that plays a role. >> so bizarre with the sink holes in florida and now here in the san francisco bay area. that's crazy. >> that's nuts. >> a helpless feeling. >> just watching your home get swallowed up. >> be scared to go to sleep at
night. also, on a lighter note an open casting call for "anchorman 2" drew thousands out on the weekend in san diego, take a look at the line-up, 1,500 people apparently all trying to stay classy in san diego. >> what's the role? >> i imagine there's going to be some bit parts they'll want people to fill in. >> they have to do the classy. >> they do. >> i loved that movie. >> all of the old guys are returning back, will ferrell, and there it is, it takes a confident man to have that hair, too. >> being the old man of the group i was in local news in 1974, and this so rings true it's scary. i had a polyester suit that had four pieces, it had 80 combinations. >> you could turn the vest inside out.
>> the facial hair is the source of your power. >> you had it down here. >> i had mutten chops. >> i remember the pictures, trying to get them out of my mind. >> wow! finally, kanye west -- wait. i'm a little distracted today. >> there's a picture released, this is a picture from 1939, who does that look like? >> jay-z, looks like it is jay-z. >> put them side by side, even jay-z weighed in saying this guy looks exactly like me. it's not some kind of photo shopping. it's a photo taken from 1939. he apparently had a doppleganger back then. look at another photo from 1939, there is savannah. looks just like you. >> are you on drugs? >> you don't think that looks like you? >> who is that? >> it's geraldine fitzgerald's
body with your face. >> i was like you know what, it doesn't look like me. >> you're a little slow on the uptake. >> jay-z has a flux capacitor. "the hangover part 3" is a hot topic for movie lovers. bradley cooper is reprising his role as phil. when the wolf papack gets back together count on things going wrong. >> ahh! i'm okay. >> hey, phil? >> what's wrong? >> hold on a second. >> what? >> hold on, like kick yourself out a little bit. >> alan. >> stay still. >> alan. did you get it? >> no.
>> bradley, welcome back. good to see you. >> hey, great to be here. >> i don't have to ask you questions. you know what you're going to ask me. i know the drill now. >> i had the questions down and i come in the studio and he's looking at all my questions so what am i going to ask you now? >> hmm -- i didn't study, i'm not going to pretend. >> we saw a lot of tricks in movie making. how high off the ground? >> they rebuilt the facade of caesar's palace inside the largest studio in warner brothers. about six, seven or eight floors. zach was a trooper because he's very scared of heights and kept saying what if there's an earthquake. they're just going to leave me dangling at that moment? >> that would be quite a coincidence. zach was here last week, wet his pants. >> it's like a party trick he does. >> he can do it on demand. >> the women love it. >> the rumor is this is the last
"hangover." are you cool with that? >> yes. it's all gravy, matt. think about it. we made the first and a halfie never thinking it would be a trilogy. the fact i'm sitting three movies in is incredible. >> is it a never say never or you might want to go back to this? >> no, it's over. it's done. >> really? >> todd phillips spent the last six years of his life making "hangover" movies answer time to move on. >> so many great physical moments, stunts like that but so much great dialogue. is there a moment from any of the three, bradley, that you look and say that was one of the funniest things i've ever shot for a film? >> no question about it, election night 2008 and we did the scene in the first hangover where the older gentleman takes his underwear down and we could not get through that scene. zach had to leave, took us two hours to get through it. matt walsh was in there. i've never laughed harder. >> does it happen where they have to stop rolling? >> we try not to because it's
not easy making movies but yeah that does happen. when you're flanked by zach and ed, i mean, it's pretty crazy. >> the story in this one, basically it starts out, it's alan's story, alan has gotten to a point where you as his friends and his family members decide it's time for an intervention. >> that's right. >> why did you wait this long? >> that's a good question. well, i mean something tragically happens at the beginning of the movie, there's no more anchor in his life and it gets to a point, you'd think he was a time bomb in the first two movies. the third you realize there has to be some sort of way of reining him in. >> you've done a lot of interviews and cheated on a lot of these tests but when you come on a show like this the producers hand us all kinds of notes and articles about you so over the last couple of days i was reading an article about you and this just jumped out to me, it said for a while in your life, and it made it sound like kind of a long while you were
obsessed with being a ninja. >> yes. >> where did that come from? >> you know, i mean -- >> like a ninja ninja? >> well my idea of what a ninja would be. on the back of magazines as a kid you can buy little things if you had enough tickets. >> but i always bought the freeze dried sea horses. >> i wanted the chinese stars or the nunchucks and stuff. >> you asked your dad if you could move to japan. >> until i was 21, yeah. >> i thought it was like a 6 or 7-year-old thing, until you were 21. >> i would move there until i was 21. >> i'm going to ask to move -- i kept asking until i was 21 years old. so you've gotten rid of that? >> it could happen. >> never say never. >> last time you were here it was for "silver linings playbook" and great things happened with the oscar nomination. you look back at awards season what stands out to you?
>> so many moments. i think probably the coolest thing was myself and my mother and then robert de niro and daniel day-lewis and his family we all traveled up together and hung out and took pictures. to be with the two people probably the reasons why i became an actor that was incredible. >> do you ever worry you'll get to a stage where it will be ho-hum? >> no, i never worry about that. i love it too much. i can't even imagine that happening. >> i like another thing i read about you, one of the ways you stay grounded every once in a while you read the comments on the message board, portions of websites. >> yes. >> it's rough, huh? >> i'm going to try not to do that anymore. >> that might be a little too much. >> too masochistic. >> "hangover 3" opens may 23rd. bradley, come back to see us. nice to see you. out to savannah and natalie.
>> we have the university of georgia cheer team fifth in the nation showing off their moves. take it away, guys, we'll get out of your way. ♪ here we go, get on your feet ♪ give me a d, give me an a, y, put it all together, nbc "today," nbc "today" ♪ ♪ nbc "today," nbc "today" >> and the bulldogs will teach us a few moves coming up, and
also reveal the answer to our dan brown quiz. keep tweeting the guesses to us. first your local news.
8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a san francisco pot club may be close to shutting its doors for good. as part of a nationwide crackdown on marijuana clubs, the federal government moving to seize several businesses in the bay area. one of those is on mission street between 20th and 21th street in san francisco. the landlords tried and failed to evict the club last year. now u.s. attorney is seeking to force the landlords to forfeit the entire building. time now to check that morning commute with mike. how are we looking? >> we're looking slower all over the bay. here at palo alto, southbound 101 coming toward us. some sun in folks eyes, probably contributing to this slow down. maps show slowing sfwot south
bay, northbound that direction kicks in as is typical. northbound routes really slow, especially 101 from 85 to the airport, 85 and 280 showing a slow drive as well, 87 through downtown. southbound 880 slows from san mateo bridge past dumbarton all the way down towards fremont. we've had a tough drive for the entire tri-valley all morning after an earlier crash. in dublin. very early, kicked off the slowdown. back to you. >> thank you very much. another local news update in aboutéb half an hur. hope you have a great monday morning.
♪ 8:30 now on this monday morning. it is the 13th of may, 2013. we have a great crowd out on the plaza and a pretty spring day. a little bit of a chill in the air. people are in great moods, and we've been seeing some of the great moves of the university of georgia cheerleaders. they're going to try to teach us some of these moves a little bit later on. matt's been doing his stretches and is ready. >> i cannot do any of that. >> oh, yes, you can.
>> i might cramp up. >> you have a whole routine worked out already, right? >> cheering for you. good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie alongside the aforementioned matt lauer, al roker, and natalie morales. >> we have a little segment coming up, how do look better naked. that's all i'm saying. >> you don't have to say anything else. >> we're going to take the stress out of your meal planning if you're still hungry. four easy to make meals your family will love. and a little earlier, we gave you a clue regarding dan brown's newest book that is being releaseded tomorrow. where can you leave love letters in a holy place? some of the answers that have come in to us so far. we had someone who said kate nolan bryan tweeted, merona, italy. that is the place they think that could be accomplished. we've got more.
nick, i assume the woman is beatrice portinari from dante's divine comedy." close. the answer is dante's church in florence, italy, inside is represented unrequited love. we'll have more on the book with our exclusive interview with dan brown tomorrow morning. >> from blockbuster books to blockbusters. we have j.j. abrams here, the director of the upcoming "star trek into darkness." good to have you back here. an iconic film franchise for the second one in this particular installment. you basically almost built a spaceship, as i understand it. i've been hearing from some of the stars who have been by this last week the set was amazing. >> the set was incredible. the key for this movie was, well, two things. one, to make it seem like a stand alone thing. you don't need to have seen the
other films or the original tv show. the set itself was authentic. a lot of movies is blue screen, green screen stuff, and you feel it and taste it and just see it's not real. we've built some amazing sets to make this thing seem as authentic as possible. >> we've had a couple of actors from the movie on already. they told us nothing, absolutely nothing. >> i love that. >> we have done interviews where people just stared at us. they wouldn't give anything away. you have threatened them is what they all said. so tell us. >> i am going to kill them. this is a movie about a group of people that work together, kind of like a family, and they're just tested. they're put up by this incredible character played by benjamin cumberbatch. he's an amazing guy. but it's a test how far will you go to protect the ones you love? it's a pretty harrowing, fun, crazy adventure. >> you've been virtually chosen
by george lucas to carry on the star wars epics. >> that's the next thing i'll be working on, yeah. >> that's got to be intimidating. it's exciting but terrifying. >> it's a thrill. the idea that it's something that i loved so much when i was a kid. star trek, i was never a huge fan of actually growing up, but i came to love it working on it. but "star wars," i did love it when i was a kid. >> any idea when the first film will roll out? >> i know when they want it to. >> can you tell us, or are you not saying anything? >> i think 2015. but maybe 2115. >> any clues on the finale for "revolution"? >> clues? i've got to say it's amazing. the end of the year is unbelievable. we're excited about that and have a great story for next year. >> j.j. abrams full of projects, not full of information this morning, but we love having you here. >> i thought you were very interesting. >> just kidding. "star trek into darkness" opens this weekend in theaters
nationwide. let's check the weather. we'll gone where no weather has gone before. strong storms in the pacific northwest, really hot in the southwest and on into southern california. a little on the cool side in the northeast and ohio river valley. tomorrow sizzling in the southwest, mild and cloudy in the pacific northwest. wet along the northern plains into the western great lakes. and another gorgeous day here in th 8:35 on a back to work, back to business monday. taking a live look, clear sky now over san jose. still lotspy fog, lots of cloud cover right at the immediate coast. that will be the case until noon. once that fog burns off, we've got a warm day ahead. 84 on the way to livermore, 71 in san francisco, highs are going to be pretty comfortable for the next couple of days. then we cool you off. back to norms we typically see in fall or winter. that means low 70s inland, upper 70s and 50s at the coast. >> >> that's your latest weather. i see this guy and always think
bacon, bacon, bacon. i'd get it myself, but i don't have thumbs. savannah? >> al, thank you. at 32, jessica decanon was doing exactly what she always hoped to do, humanitarian work in the war-torn country of somalia. while there, her dream of making a difference was suddenly derailed by a very serious turn of events. october 25th, 2011, jessica buchanan and danish aid worker paul sisted were returning home from a training session when they were kidnapped at gunpoint by somali land pirates and taken hostage. this chilling proof of life video was releaseded by their captors, who were demanding a $45 million ransom payment. after 93 days in captivity in unsanitary conditions, jessica's health was deteriorating. with no time to lose, president obama ordered the u.s. military to launch a secret rescue operation. s.e.a.l. team 6, the same group that took out osama bin laden in
2011, swept into the area and took the kidnappers by surprise, igniting a tense exchange of gunfire. the s.e.a.l.s killed all nine of the kidnappers, and jessica and paul were rescued unharmed. president obama was preparing for his state of the union address when he was informed the hostages were in u.s. hands. as he entered the capitol that night, he congratulated secretary of defense leon panetta for his help with the successful mission. >> good job tonight. good job tonight. >> the president is seen in this photo calling jessica's father john to inform him that his daughter was safe and on her way home. jessica buchanan and her husband, eric, write about that experience in her new book "impossible odds." good morning. it's good to see both of you. boy, go back to that time, jessica, that you were on your way. you knew you were in an area that was potentially dodgy. did you have a bad feeling about it? >> i did have a bad feeling in the sense that i was in an area
that held a lot of insecurity, but never did i ever imagine that something such as an abduction would take place. >> so take us back to that moment. suddenly, you're surrounded. >> completely surrounded, yelling, screaming, hitting windshields at ak-47 this is an nbc news special report. and good morning, everyone. president obama's about to hold a joint news conference with british prime minister david cameron. they'll do that in the east room of the white house momentarily. >> that's right. we understand both gentlemen will make a statement, and then take a question apiece from each nation's press corps assembled there. chuck todd is there. good morning to you. what are you expecting from this news conference? >> reporter: well, good morning, savannah and matt. on the issue that they're
talking about, as far as the bilateral back-and-forth between the british and the united states, syria is top of mind on their conversation. but as far as questions for the president, this will be the first opportunity anybody in the press corps's had a chance to ask the president about the irs scandal in that report that indicates the irs was targeting conservative groups and questioning them over and above other groups when it comes to nonprofit tax status. of course, the ongoing investigation having to do with the benghazi -- not just the talking points, but in the aftermath of the benghazi attack itself. so the question part of this presser is going to have a lot of news interest to a lot of folks on capitol hill, but syria, don't forget, is a big issue both countries are dealing with. >> real quickly, how many questions are they expected to take? we've heard ideas they may limit this. >> reporter: they'll limit it to one questioner. as savannah knows, you say, "mr. president, i have one question with three or four parts."
>> i suspect -- >> reporter: i suspect any one of my colleagues here, whoever gets the question, has a three-parter ready. >> chuck, we've seen this scandal with the irs kind of blowing up over the weekend. is this the first opportunity the president has had to address it, at least on camera? >> reporter: well, there was an on-camera event last friday afternoon where you could make -- you could make the judgment call that that was an opportunity. he was doing a separate healthcarry vent, but that was the first time he was in front of the camera. he could have said something there. i think the administration does agree with the criticism that's been out there over the weekend they've been slow in responding to this, slow in taking the irs to task. as you noticed, it's been the republicans hopping on this story. democrats in general have been very slow this morning. though, you hear more and more democratic lawmakers also expressing the outrage that you heard from conservatives and republicans over the weekend. >> and, chuck, as we're waiting for the president and the prime minister to walk out, the subject of benghazi and the administration -- let's listen to what the two gentlemen have to say.
>> good morning, everybody. please have a seat. and to all our moms out there, i hope you had a wonderful mother's day. it's always a great pleasure to welcome my friend and partner, prime minister david cameron. michelle and i have wonderful memories from when david and samantha visited us last year. there was a lot of attention about how i took david to march madness. we won't to ohio, and a year later we had to confess that david still does not understand basketball. i still do not understand cricket. as we've said before, the great alliance between the united states and the united kingdom is rooted in shared interests and shared values, and it's indispensable to global security and prosperity. but as we've seen again recently, it's also a partnership of the heart. here in the united states we joined our british friends in mourning the passing of baroness margaret thatcher, a great champion of freedom and liberty
and of the alliance we carry on today. and after the bombings in boston, we americans were grateful for the support of friends from around the world, particularly those across the atlantic. at the london marathon, runners paused in a moment of silence and dedicated the race to boston, and david will be visiting boston to pay tribute to the victims and the first responders. so, david, i want to thank you and the british people for reminding us that in good times and in bad, our two people stand at one. david's here first and foremost as he prepares to host the g8 next month. i appreciate him updating on the agenda as it takes shape, and we discussed how the summit will be another opportunity to sustain the global economic recovery with the focus on growth and creating jobs for our people. michelle and i are looking forward to visiting northern ireland, and i know that the summit's going to be a great success under david's fine leadership. we discussed the importance of
moving ahead with the e.u. towards negotiations on the trans-atlantic trade and investment partnership. our extensive trade with the u.k. is central to our broader trans-atlantic economic relationship, which supports more than 13 million jobs. and i want to thank david for his strong support for building on those ties, and i look forward to launching negotiations with the e.u. in the coming months. i believe we've got a real opportunity to cut tariffs, open markets, create jobs, and make all of our economies even more competitive. with regard to global security, we reviewed progress in afghanistan, where our troops continue to serve with extraordinary courage alongside each other, and i want to commend david for his efforts to encourage greater dialogue between afghanistan and pakistan, which is critical to regional security. as planned, afghan forces will take the lead for security across the country soon, this spring. u.s., british, and coalition forces will move into a support
role. our troops will continue to come home and the war will end by the end of next year, even as we work with our afghan partners to make sure that afghanistan is never again a haven for terrorists who would attack our nations. given our shared commitment to the middle east peace, i updated david on secretary kerry's efforts with pakistanis with regard to negotiations, and we reaffirmed our support for democratic transitions in the middle east and north africa, including the economic reforms that have to go along with political reforms. of course, we discussed -- we discussed syria and the appalling violence being inflicted on the syrian people. together we're going to continue our efforts to increase pressure on the assad regime, to provide humanitarian aid to the longsuffering syrian people, to strengthen the moderate opposition and to prepare for a
democratic syria without bashar assad, and that includes bringing together regime and the opposition in geneva in the coming weeks to agree on a transitional body, which would allow a transfer of power from assad to this governing body. meanwhile, we'll continue to work to establish the facts around the use of chemical weapons in syria and those facts will help guide our next steps. we discussed iran where we agreed to keep up the pressure on tehran for its continued failure to abide by its nuclear obligations. the burden is on iran to engage constructively with us and our partners in order to resolve the world's concerns about its nuclear program. and finally, today, we're reaffirming our commitment to global development, specifically we're encouraged by the ambitious reforms under way of the global fund to fight aids, tb and malaria, where both of our nations are stepping up our efforts, and david's made it clear the g8 summit will be
another opportunity to make progress on nutrition and food security. so, david, thank you very much, as always, for your leadership and your partnership, as we prepare for our work in northern ireland, as we consider the challenges we face around the world, it's clear we face a demanding agenda, but the if the history of our people show anything, it is that we persevere as one of those london runners said, at the marathon, we're going to keep running, and we're going to keep on doing this. that's the spirit of confidence and resolve that we will continue to draw upon as we work together to meet these challenges. so, david, thank you very much, and welcome. >> thank you very much, barack. thank you for the warm welcome. it's great to be back here with you in the white house. thank you for what you said about margaret thatcher. it was a pleasure to welcome so many americans to her remarkable funeral in the u.k. i absolutely echo what you said about the appalling outrage in boston. i look forward to going there to pay my tribute to the people of that remarkable city and their courage, and we will always
stand with you in the fight against terrorism. thank you for the remarks by the cricket and the basketball. i haven't made much progress. i made a bit of progress on baseball. i actually read a book about it this year. so maybe next time we'll work on that one. it's good to be back for the first time since the american people returned you to office. and as you said, the relationship between britain and the united states is a partnership without parallel. day in and day out throughout the world, our diplomats and intelligence agencies work together, our soldiers serve together, and our businesses trade with each other. in afghanistan, our armed forces are together defending the stability that will make us all safer, and in the global economic race, our businesses are doing more than $17 billion of trade across the atlantic every month of every year. and in a changing world, our nations share a resolve to stand up for democracy, for enterprise, and for freedom.
we've discussed many issues today, as the president has said. let me highlight three. the economy, the g8, and syria. our greatest challenge is to secure a sustainable economic recovery. each of us has to find the right solutions at home. for all of us, it means dealing with debt, it means restoring stability, getting our economy growing, and together seizing new opportunities to grow our economies. president obama and i have both championed a free-trade deal between the european union and the united states, and there's a real chance now to get the process launched in time for the g8. so the next five weeks are crucial. to realize the huge benefits this deal could bring, will take ambition and political will. that means everything on the table, even the difficult issues and no exceptions. it's worth the effort for britain alone an ambitious deal could be worth 10 billion pounds a year, boosting industries from car manufacturing to financial services. we discussed the g8 summit in
some detail. when we mean on the shores of lough erne five weeks from today, i want us to agree ambitious action for economic growth. open trade is at the heart of this, but we have a broader agenda, too, to make sure everyone shares in the benefits of this greater openness, not just in our advanced economies but in the developing world, too. i am unashamedly pro-business politician, but as we open up our economies to get business growing, we need to make sure that all companies pay their taxes properly and enable citizens to hold their governments and businesses to account. today we've agreed to tackle the scourge of tax evasion. we need to know who really owns a company, who profits from it, whether taxes are paid, an we need a new mechanism to track where multinationals make their money and pay their taxes, so we can stop those manipulating the system unfairly. finally, we discussed the brutal conflict in syria. 80,000 dead, 5 million people forced from their homes.
syria's history is being written in the blood of her people. and it is happening on our watch. the world urgently needs to come together to bring the killing to an end. none of us have any interests in seeing more lives lost, in seeing chemical weapons used, or extremist violence spreading even further. so we welcome president putin's agreement to join an effort to achieve a political solution. the challenges remain formidable, but we have an urgent window of opportunity before the worst fears are realized. there is no more urgent international task than this. we need to get syrians to the table to agree to a transitional government that can win the consent of all of the syrian people, but there will be no political progress unless the opposition is able to withstand the onslaught and put pressure on assad so he knows no military victory, so we will also increase our efforts to support and to shape the moderate opposition. britain is pushing for more flexibility in the e.u. arms embargo, and we will double
nonlethal support to the syrian opposition in the coming year. armored vehicles, body armor, and power generators are right to be shipped. we're helping local councils govern the areas they liberate, and we're supporting lebanon and jordan to deal with the influx of refugees. we'll also do more for those in desperate humanitarian need, care for trauma injuries, helping torture victims to recover, getting syrian families drinking clean water, having access to food, to shelter. there is now, i believe, common ground between the u.s., u.k., russia, and many others that whatever our differences, we have the same aim -- a stable, inclusive, and peaceful syria free from the you scourge of extremism. there is real political will behind this. we now need to get on and do everything we can to make it happen. barack, thank you once again for your warm welcome. >> thank you. we've got time for a couple of questions. we're going to start with julie pace. >> thank you, mr. president. i wanted to ask about the irs
and benghazi. when did you first learn that the irs was targeting conservative political groups? do you feel that the irs has betrayed the public's trust? and what do you think the repercussions for these actions should be? and on benghazi, newly public e-mails show the white house and the state department appear to have been more closely involved with the crafting of the talking points on the attack than first acknowledged. do you think the white house misled the public about its role in shaping the talking points? and do you stand by your administration's assertions that the talking points were not purposefully changed to downplay the prospects of terrorism? and prime minister cameron, on syria. if the e.u. arms embargo you mentioned is amended or lapses, is it your intent to send the opposition forces weapons, and are you encouraging president obama to take the same step? thank you. >> well, let me take the irs situation first. i first learned about it from the same news reports that i think most people learned about this. i think it was on friday.
and this is pretty straightforward. if, in fact, irs personnel engaged in the kind of practices that have been reported on and were intentionally targeting conservative groups, then that's outrageous, and there's no place for it. you know, they have to be held fully accountable, because the irs as an independent agency requires absolute integrity, and people have to have confidence that they're applying it in a nonpartisan way -- applying the laws in a nonpartisan way. and you should feel that way regardless of party. i don't care whether you're a democrat, an independent, or a republican. at some point, there will be republican administration -- administrations. at some point, there will be democratic ones. either way, you don't want the irs ever being perceived to be
biassed, and anything less than neutral, in terms of how they operate. so this is something that i think people are properly concerned about. the i.g. is conducting its investigation, and, you know, i am not going to comment on their specific findings prematurely. but i can tell you that if you've got the irs operating in anything less than a neutral and nonpartisan way, then that is outrageous. it is contrary to our traditions, and people have to be held accountable, and it's got to be fixed. so we'll wait and see what exactly all the details and the facts are. but i've got no patience with it. i will not tolerate it, and we'll make sure that we find out exactly what happened on this. with respect to benghazi, we've
now seen this argument that's been made by some folks, primarily up on capitol hill, for months now. and i've just got to say, here's what we know. americans died. in benghazi. what we also know is clearly they were not in a position where they were adequately protected. the day after it happened, i acknowledged that this was an act of terrorism. and what i pledged to the american people was that we would find out what happened, we would make sure that it did not happen again, and we would make sure we held accountable those who had perpetrated this terrible crime.
and that's exactly what we've been trying to do. and over the last several months, there was a review board headed by two distinguished americans -- mike mullin and tom pickering, who investigated every element of this. and what they discovered was some pretty harsh judgments in terms of how we had worked to protect consulates and embassies around the world. they gave us a whole series of recommendations. those recommendations are being implemented as we speak. the whole issue of this -- of talking points, frankly, throughout this process has been a sideshow. we have been very clear throughout was that immediately after this event happened, we were not clear who exactly had carried it out, how it -- how it had occurred, what the motivations were. it happened at the same time as
we had seen attacks on u.s. embassies in cairo, as a consequence of this film. and nobody understood exactly what was taking place during the course of those first few days. and the e-mails that you allude to were provided by us to congressional committees. they reviewed them several months ago, concluded that, in fact, there was nothing afoul in terms of the process we had u d used, and suddenly, three days ago, this gets spun up as if there's something new to the story. there's no there there. keep in mind, by the way, these so-called talking points that were prepared for susan rice five, six days after the event occurred pretty much matched the
assessment that i was receiving at that time in my presidential daily briefing, and keep in mind that two to three days after susan rice appeared on the sunday shows, using these talking points, which have been the source of all this controversy, i sent up the head of our national counterterrorism center, matt olson, up to capitol hill and specifically said it was an act of terrorism, and that extremist elements inside of libya had been involved in it. so if this was some effort on our part to try to downplay what had happened or tamp it down, that would be a pretty odd thing, that three days later we end up putting out all the information that, in fact, has
now served as the basis for everybody recognizing that this was a terrorist attack and that it may have included elements that were planned by extremists inside of libya. who executes some sort of cover-up or effort to tamp things down for three days? so the whole thing defies logic, and the fact that this keeps on getting churned out, frankly, has a lot to do with political motivations. we've had folks who have challenged hillary clinton's integrity, susan rice's integrity, mike mullin, and tom pickering's integrity. it's a given that mine gets challenged by these same folks. they've used it for fund-raising. and, frankly, you know, if anybody out there wants to actually focus on how we make sure something like this does not happen again, i am happy to
get their advice and information and counsel. but the fact of the matter is these four americans, as i said, right when it happened, were people i send into the field. and i've been very clear about taking responsibility for the fact that we were not able to prevent their deaths. and we are doing everything we can to make sure we prevent it, in part because there are still diplomats around the world who are in very dangerous, difficult situations. and we don't have time to be playing these kinds of political games here in washington. we should be focused on what are we doing to protect them. and that's not easy, by the way. it's going to require resources and tough judgments and tough calls, and there are a whole bunch of diplomats out there who know they're in ha
a ponerme en el lugar de el p i willing to step up. i'm willing to put myself in harm's way because i think that this mission is important in terms of serving the united states and advancing our interests around the globe. so we dishonor them when we turn things like this into a political circus. what happened was tragic. it was carried out by extremists inside of libya. we are out there trying to hunt down the folks who carried this out and we're trying to make sure that we fix the system so it doesn't happen again. >> thank you. on the issue of the opposition in syria -- >> we've just passed noon eastern time.
we'll pause here to give some of our stations to return to local programming. others will be staying with us as we continue our coverage. >> as i said in my statement, that's exactly what we're doing. we're continuing to examine and look at the embargo and see whether we need to make further changes to it. i do believe that there is more we can do alongside technical advice, assistance, help, in order to shape them. in order to work with them. and to those who doubt that approach, i would just argue that, look, if we don't help the syrian opposition. we do recognize as being legitimate. who signed up to a statement about a future for syria that is democratic, that respects the rights of minorities. if we don't work with that part of the opposition, we shouldn't be surprised if the extremist elements grow. i think being engaged with the syrian opposition is the right approach. that is an approach i share with the president and with other
colleagues in the european union. >> prime minister, you're talking here today about a new eu deal. now members are talking about leaving. what is your message to them and those pushing for an early referendum. if there were a referendum, how would you vote? mr. president, you told him that you want a strong eu and. how center are you that they are now openly contemplating withdrawal? and on syria, if i may, a question to both of you. what gives you any confidence that the russians are going to help you on this? >> well, first of all on the issue of the referendum. there won't be a referendum tomorrow and there's a very good reason why there won't an referendum tomorrow. would it give the british public an entirely false choice between status quo which i don't think is acceptable.
i want to see the european union change. i want to see britain's relationship with the european union change and improving. it would be a false choice between status quo is that leaving and i don't think that is the choice the british public want or the british public deserve. everything do i in this area is guided by a very simple principle. what is in the national interests of britain. is it in the national interests of britain to have a transatlantic trade deal that will to make it more open and competitive and flexible. to improve britain's place within the european union. it is not only in our national interests, it is achievable. europe has to change because the single currency is driving change for that part of the european union that is in the single currency. just as they want changes, so i
believe britain is quite entitled to ask for and get changes in response. then finally, is it in britain's national interest once we have achieved those changes but before the end of 2017 to consult the british public in a proper full-on referendum, yes, i believe it is. that's the approach that we take. everything driven by what is in the british national interests. that's what i'm going to deliver. it is absolutely right for our country. it has very strong support throughout the country and in the conservative party. that's exactly what i'm going to do. on the syrian issue, you asked a question. what are the signs of russian engagement. i had very good talks with president putin on friday. and we had a very frank conversation in that we have approached this to some extent still do approach this in a different way. i have been very vocal in supporting the syrian opposition and saying that assad has to go.
that he is not legitimate and i continue to say that. it is in both our interests that at the end there is a stable democratic syria. there is a stable neighborhood and that we don't encourage the growth of violent extremism. and i think both the russian president, the american president, myself, i think we can all see that the current trajectory of how thing are going is not actually in anybody's interests so it is worth this major diplomatic effort which we are all together leading, this major diplomatic effort to bring the parties to the table to achieve a transition at the top in syria so that we can make the change that country needs. >> with respect to the relationship between the u.k. and the e.u., we have a special
relationship with the united kingdom. and we believe that our capacity to partner with a united kingdom that is active, robust, outward and engaged with the world is hugely important to our own interests as well as the word. and i think the u.k.'s participation in the e.u. is an expression of its influence. and its role in the world as well as obviously a very important economic partnership. now ultimately, the people of the u.k. have to make decisions for themselves. i will say this. that david's basic point that you probably want to see if you can fix what is broken in a very important relationship before
you break it off. makes some sense to me. and that i know david has been very active in seeking some reforms internal to the e.u. those are tough negotiations. you have a lot of interests involved. i recognize that. but so long as we haven't yet evaluated how successful those reforms will be, i at least would be interested in seeing whether or not those are successful. before rendering a final judgment. again, i want to emphasize, these are issues for the people of the united kingdom to make a decision about. not ours. with respect to syria, i think david said it very well. if you look objectively, the entire world community has an i
in which the syrian people are not being slaughtered, that is an island of peace as opposed to a potentially an outpost for extremists. that's not just true for the united states. that's not just true for great britain or countries like jordan and turkey that border syria but that's also true for russia. and i'm pleased to hear that david had a very constructive conversation with president putin shortly after the conversation that had taken place between john kerry and president putin. i've spoken to president putin several times on this topic and our basic argument is that as a
leader on the world staining, russia has an interest as well as an obligation to try to resolve this issue in a way that can lead to the kind of outcome that we would all like to see over the long term. and look, i don't think it is any secret that there remains lingering suspicions between russia and other members of the g-8 or the west. it has been several decades now since russia transformed itself and the eastern bloc transformed itself. but you know, some of those suspicions still exist. part of my goal and john kerry's goal has been is to break down those suspicions. if in fact we can broker a
peaceful political transition that lead to assad's departure but a state in syria that is still intact, that accommodates the interests of all the ethnic groups, the religious groups inside of syria, and that ends the bloodshed. stabilize the situation. that's not just good for us. that will be good for everybody. we'll be very persistent in trying to make that happen. i'm not promising that it is going to be successful. frankly sometimes once the fe r furies have been unleashed in a place like syria, it is very hard to put things back together. and there are going to be enormous challenges in getting a credible process going even if russia is involved.
because we still have other countries like iran and nonstate actors like hezbollah that have been actively involved. and on the other side we have organizations like alnasra. so all that makes a couple bustible mix and it will be challenging. it is worth the effort and what we can tell you is that we're always more successful in any global effort when we've got a strong friend and partner like great britain by our side and strong leadership by prime minister david cameron. thank you very much, everybody. >> you have been watching a joint press conference in the east room of the white house. president obama and the prime minister of great britain, david cameron addressing a wide range issues. >> no question about it. talked about the irs scandal. voice someday outrage if it
turns out to be true the irs had targeted some conservative groups for audits and for further review. he also talked about this issue of benghazi that has dogged the administration for some time now. >> syria and the upcoming g-8 summit. >> some of you will return to local programming. others will rejoin today which is in progress. >> this has been an nbc news po. in our last hour in studio 1a. i got to spend the weekend hanging with bradley and the rest of the wolfpack at caesar's palace in las vegas. >> to a night the four of us will never forget. >> reporter: "the hangover" started four years ago with a bachelor party the likes of which we've never seen. now the wolfpack is back, one last time. >> my name's alan and i bought a giraffe! >> reporter: with a trilogy finale that sees alan unleashed. >> oh, god, look at him now. >> reporter: and puts mr. ciao
front and center. ♪ i believe i can fly >> reporter: in the end it's always good to go back to the beginning. we took over mr. ciao's 10,000 square foot sweet at caesar's palace for a night and when the gang gets together all bets are off. be good to me. all right, boys, how are we feeling, last "hangover" and you're not allowed to use the word bittersweet in your answer. >> just bitter. >> how about nostalgic? >> you know, it's bittersweet. >> you're out. >> he's gone. >> so your character, zach, by my count in the first five minutes takes two lives. one's an animal, one's a human. how do you describe what alan is going through in this film? >> well, william. >> yes? >> you know when i was crafting this piece, my character over the years -- no, i don't know. >> but this is a story about
alan. "hangover 3" is about alan. >> he's obnoxious, obnoxious saying things no one should say. >> i this i can of so many people i would rather have died first, like my mother. >> reporter: turns out these guys have been saying things no one should say to each other. >> fat stuff, quit eating sugar. >> reporter: you were in comedy together. >> ted and i had comedy on stage, everything a greek wanted to know about an asian guy but too afraid to ask? >> do you remember any of the aboutity? >> what is your favorite asian movie "the joy luck club" or "the joy luck club"? >> that's offensive, zach. >> yes. >> it's hard now to imagine anyone but this crew starring in "the hangover" but this was not necessarily supposed to be the wolfpack. i don't think people understand or realize who love this movie how unlikely this cast was.
i think there might have been at the time some more famous actors he wanted to use. in other words how many people said no? cooper originally thought director todd phillips had passed him over for the role. >> i thought it was a great meeting and then nothing. that was like in january and then cut to like july and i'm in williamstown doing a play, going well, i don't know. this might be it and then literally thinking i don't know what's going to happen after this play and i get an e-mail saying, enough already, let's do this. i was like who is this? >> right. one moment you think you're in williamstown for life and next you're in the huge movie. >> a month later ken [ bleep ] my neck. right? >> and the rest is history. >> hollywood history. >> road trip! >> the first two movies have brought in over $1 billion worldwide and created an iconic american movie in the process. >> still even to this day it's
hard to wrap your head around, you know, when you come to las vegas and see slot machines with our faces on it, and it's bizarre. ♪ >> ed, you've desecrated your body in so many ways, the tooth. >> oh, my god! >> the face tattoo, and in this film something i can't even say out loud. where did those ideas come from? >> honestly, i see those moments in the script and instantly i think no, i'm not going to do that. no way i'm going to do that. >> really? >> and then a week goes by and it settles in, and you know, i'm glad i did it. >> last question here, and this is for the four of you, how difficult has bradley become since the oscar nomination? is insufferable a word you'd use? >> i got a text from him this morning that said remember when i was nominated for an oscar.
that's the 70th time i've gotten that text. >> it was a cut and paste. >> you don't have to keep reminding me. >> "the hangover" movie may be ending but the wolfpack will continue forever. >> you make a bond over six years we have a bond for that, it really is a family. >> we had so much fun with those guys and our thanks to caesar's palace for opening up that big suite to us. "the hangover part 3" opens may 23rd nationwide. ted jeong will be here. >> we're jealous. >> i asked them if they were going to make a fourth movie and they all said no, shut it down and got quiet and zach said, what are the hours? he wanted to inquire about the new job. >> a little mike tyson. >> exactly. still ahead what your
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so nbc is announcing its fall schedule today, we're joined by blair underwood. >> "ironside" revival of the '60s and '70s era cop dra in a, a wheelchair-bound detective who keeps on battling guys after he's par liesed in a shooting. blair, great to see you. we were talking most of us too young to have seen the show, i think you were too young, too. >> i was a baby. >> for the audience, a little background on the show. >> it's an iconic show. there's a certain generation that said "i loved ironside." it's ultimately a show about a man who was a detective, is a detective and he is in a wheelchair obviously a paraplegic, shot in the back spinal cord injury but he's brilliant at what he does. what's excited about the updated version we do a lot of flashbacks so i have to not only
get up and run and jump he's only two years into the injury so a lot of great character stuff while he's dealing with this whole, you know, this disability that he really doesn't want to acknowledge but it's there, and he doesn't allow other people to acknowledge it but in his private moments he has to. >> how hard is that to play a paralyzed man? >> well i got to tell you it's challenging. my mother happens to be in a wheelchair and has been for the last ten years or so, so really we had a chance to have conversations we never had, because she was like that, kind of that type of personality she's a sweetheart, she doesn't want to and never played the victim so we had a chance to have those conversations but i would embarrass my kids because we'd go out to restaurants and doing research i'd go in the wheelchair. >> you're' sexy guy in the wheelchair. >> there you go. >> only because i'm trying to be like al. >> glad it's working for you. >> i saw it when it originally aired, i'm an old guy.
>> with raymond burr. >> it airs wednesday nights here on nbc starting in the fall. we're back after your local news. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ find out with venus embrace. every five-bladed stroke gives you 360 degrees of smooth for goddess skin you can feel and feel. ♪ i'm your venus only from venus embrace. then you'll love lactose-free lactaid® it's 100% real milk that's easy to digest so you can fully enjoy the dairy you love. lactaid®. for 25 years,
easy to digest. easy to love. good monday this morning. 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. reports of a new problem with the bay bridge. officials warning this one could delay the opening of the new span. caltrans recently discovered 400 or so threaded rods this could be vulnerable to cracking if exposed to hydrogen from rainwater. that's according to a report in the "san francisco chronicle." the rods are meant to help protect the bridge during a major earthquake. experts say inspecting them won't be a simple task considering they are at the base caltrans is already dealing with the fallout after dozens of bolts found to crack when they were tightened. following last week's deadly crash organizers of the america's cup say anything is
possible including a complete cancellation. a meeting in san francisco with all four teams in the competition. they will review the evidence after thursday's deadly capsize of america's cup catamaran and they will recommend any changes if necessary. a funeral for two-time olympic gold medalist andrew simpson is expected to take place tomorrow in his home country of england. we'll have a look at weather and traffic right after this break.
welcome back now. the time is 9:28. the golden gate bridge still socked in with fog. what i can tell you, the good news is the flight delays out of sfo just cleared up. it's a matter of time before the sky clears and looks like this. san jose a beautiful day shaping up. temperatures are going to be just about as warm as where we ended up yesterday. 87 on the way to fairfield. 84 for napa, 77 fremont, 71 degrees in san francisco. getting into the next couple days, a major cooldown headed our way. down to the 70s by wednesday. the low 70s on the way for thursday into friday.
could pick up a little bit of coastal drizzle, maybe a few light showers over the course of thursday night into friday. lets check your drive with mike. >> looking into oakland, 880 where it's very slochlt take to you a live look, another live look. show you the roads in between. maps, slow drive north 880, 580 just fine in the westbound direction. an a's game this evening. keep that in mind. still, slow for the tri-valley, 680, out of pleasanton into sunol, down to the south northbound starting to thin out at 680 but 85 at the bottom. laura, back to you. >> thank you very much. another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
the californians. >> i hope you're all enjoying your agave margaritas. >> i made them with the farmer's market. >> kristin wiig that's the old stomping grounds with "the california californians" and you can plug in and go on that. still got it. i'm willie geist along with al roker and natalie morales. coming up, actress elisabeth rome opens up about her bat well infertility. on the health front, since folks are making summer plans a good time to be reminded about the dangers of skin cancer. also, do you have a treasure
to grandpa or grandma hidden in your basement or attic? time to find out what it's really worth. >> i can't tell you what but one of these segment is a huge ticket item. somebody is going to be happy today. before we get to that al has a check of the weather. >> let's show you what we have as far as today is concerned, lots of sunshine in the northeast, a little on the chilly side, the heat is on in the southwest, 91 in l.a., 102 in phoenix, slight risk of strong storms back through the western plains with wet weather in the pacific northwest. tomorrow we're looking at wet weather making its way across the western central plains into the western great lakes, beautiful but cool weather in the northeast, sunny and warm through the gulf coast and the southwest continues to sizzle. that's wha 9:31 on a monday morning. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. taking a live look. mostly cloudy over oakland. now lets show you the contrast in sunol. completely blue sky here. just a few hours away from the
sunshine breaking through across all of the bay area. highs are going to be a little on the warm side today. 84 for livermore, 7 p in fremont and 71 in san francisco. getting into the next couple of days, a cooldown on our hands. we're talking low 70s and that's it. thursday into friday. hope have you a beautiful day. >> and that's your latest weather. nathalie? >> thank you, al. acdress elizabeth rome is best known for serena sotherland on "law & order" and now she's opening up about what she says is a dirty little secret in hollywood, that is infertility. while in her 30s, rome discovered she had fertility issues leading her to in vitro fert lags. "ba fertilization. her new book "baby steps." good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> this is about infertility and ibf and chasing after deep inner happiness. i know journey of becoming a mom
really changed you. why do you think that women need to take control of their fertility and why this call to action? >> i think originally i really wanted to write the book to become the voice of the reproductive generation to draw awareness to them, that if they really want to become mothers it's going to take some thinking and preparedness, so you know, the idea that this reproductive generation, us, you know, the younger ones behind us, the ones that are struggling right now to get pregnant they realize they need to make it an annual commitment to go to their abgyn and get checked, their hormone levels, simple that you can ask your doctor about and it's essential. if you want to be a parent it's going to get very complicated once you're 35 and we can talk -- >> you were in your mid-30s. you were 34 and at the time you had just come off "law & order"
and success and all of that followed you, but did you at some point place career over fertility? is that what happens and when it came time to deciding when you wanted a family you discovered you couldn't? >> the last thing that i expected to happen to me was that at 34 i would go to pretty much a routine checkup with my obgyn and found out i had accelerated ovarian aging like basically i was never going to get pregnant naturally, and i thought 34, how could that be happening to me? i had put my career first but not consciously so now that i've written this book by doctor, dr. sahekian, who contributed to the book, told me women who are 35, 1 out of 200 women will get pregnant naturally their first time off. when you are 40 it becomes in the high thousands. how can that be? i mean, we're thinking about it
from the point of view we're still young still building our careers in our 30s and 40s are the new 20s. you're not thinking at 38, wow, this ship might have passed me by. >> you say it is sort of a dirty little secret especially in hollywood where they place currency in women with their baby pumps and you see it over the covers of magazines and you say those women who parade around with their perfect new baby leaves out the major detail she did not conceive naturally but had to do ivf, i believe that is a sin of omission, it is a lie and hurts women. you're telling other women in hollywood time to let people in on the secret. >> if there's one thing this book accomplishes, if women can make it an annual part of their lives that they go and get checked every year and that they are aware of this subject then this book has accomplished something that means something to me because i want to create a higher consciousness and awareness for the reproductive generation that they know that
they are running out of time. this ticking clock is totally real. when you're being celebrated as this beautiful super mom with a bouncing baby child on your lap and you're not saying that, you know, it wasn't that easy, maybe perhaps you did ivf or used a surrogate or you had to get an egg donor, because those are your options, it is a sin of omission. you're not serving people, if you want to serve people, if you've been privileged enough to be successful at what you do, if you're a public figure, you have the privilege to help others. >> you're very outspoke been that. we should say you have a gorgeous little 5-year-old girl, who you can see through ivf and all ends well and a great message for all. elizabeth thank you so much. >> thank you. >> if you'd like to read an excerpt of "baby steps" head to coming up next how to spot and prevent skin cancer, right after this. [ female announcer ] the laughing cow.
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back now "today's health" this morning we're focusing on skin cancer. more than 3.5 million new cases are expected to be diagnosed in the u.s. this year. dr. deborah wattenberg from new
york's mt. sinai medical center, good to see you again. >> good morning. >> this is skin cancer awareness month, there are free screenings. how do you find these to get started? >> you can go to the website and plug in your zip code and find a dermatologist giving out free cancer screenings all over the country, eight a great way to be screened to make sure you are healthy and your skin is not having skin cancer. if you don't look it's hard to know if things are changing. if you become aware of moles that are changing, you can be looking for moles that have asymmetry, changing in order, differences in color, you will be able to determine if a mole is changing. >> a, b, c, d, e. >> the a, assembly, b, border, c the color, d, diameter and e is evolving. if you notice a change if to the
dermatologist to make sure that mole is a healthy mole. >> light skinned, red haired people are most at risk but we're seeing an increase in skin cancers with people of color. >> we are. people of color different ethnicities and races are presenting with different types of skin cancer as well. for them the prognosis is poorer because it's usually a delayed diagnosis. so for people of color you want to be careful on the palms and the soles. if you see something that pops up there, have it evaluated and the mucus membranes or on the nails. those are the areas that people of color tend to get their skin cancers more frequently and more dangerous. >> there's changes with the fda and manufacturers of skin, of -- >> sun protection. >> thank you very much. they had to make changes. >> there have been, so the fda has actually decided to protect the consumer because not all sunscreens are created equal. and so there are some new rulings that you want to be sure to look at the label, both the
front and the back of sunscreens this summer, when you're replacing your old sunscreens and you want to be looking for products that are broad spectrum, use one higher than an spf of 30 and make sure your product is water resistant. some of the old claims the sunscreens used to make are not true and gave people a false sense of security. >> throw out your old if it's from last year should you get rid of it? >> most sunscreens have a date on them, usually about two years, some older than two years tend to degrade and their active ingredient al ingredient will no longer be effective. if your sunscreen is below 30, it's not broad spectrum, it's not covering uva and uvb and it's mislabeled saying it's sweat zwrn pro sweatproof or water proof they will not be protective against skin cancer. there's a warning level that shows this is just protecting
against sunburn. >> what about sunscreens for kids? >> they're great, but don't use them on kids under the age of 6 months. 6 months is the cutoff and you shouldn't be using sunscreen on those younger than that. >> also there is sunblocking clothing. >> there's lots of new clothing available that can be a great way to protect yourself, the sun clothing are rated by the upf, the ultraviolet protection fabric, they block out the sun's rays. you might think your normal whigt t-shirt or a white long sleeved shirt is protect you, it's not. you want to use products with upf ratings. >> you can't beat a hat. >> a hat and sunscreen and sunglasses are the key and make sure you wear your sun screen every day, cloudy or sunny it's important to do that daily. >> great advice, thank you so much. coming up next how to tell
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money" what's it worth? have you ever wondered if that antique keepsake or collectible you've been keeping around your house has value? jean chatzky is here with kate waterhouse an appraiser. >> nice to see you. >> this is a fun segment, we have good things and one of these is going for a lot of money today. jean this is a landscape painting from diane in new york. >> by the artist anthony thome. she paid $1,200, she can't remember if it's with or without the frame but this is one of those situations where somebody in a gallery said to her you should have a painting by this artist because the value is going up. >> kate, what do you think? >> might not be wrong. to be honest this artist who is known for urban scenes not necessarily wooden landscapes but it's still attractive and pretty. it's got nice, bright colors. it could continue to increase in value. she bought it in a gallery.
$500 is good when we talk fair market to gallery prices. >> continental guilt art nouvea nouveaux. >> this is from carol in florida, frequently you grow up with something. this was in her house, passed down from her grandmother. she has no idea what it's worth. she looked it up and realized it's from france, but beyond that she had no idea. >> that makes sense. lot of these bronzes are not actually bronze, they're gilt metal over based metal. it's originally french, we can tell in this instance because it's the base metal it's worth $350, if it was the bronze closer to $1,200, $1,500. >> the lesson from this one, don't clean this. this was cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. it's probably reduced the value. >> just let it be but up to 1,200. the pez dispensers looked like they were part of the shot, separate item.
how much can a pez dispenser be worth? >> these are from kathy in indiana, they can be worth a ton of money. these are more recent pez dispensers, given to her kids over the last 20 years, that's not such great news, right? >> no, it's not and it's interesting, the older ones talking from the 1950s, those pez are worth quite a bit of money, a few thousand dollars per piece. these are all from the 1970s and '8 '80s and for the entire collection probably a little less than $100. >> even with all the "star wars" guys? that's call, bobafet. i'm told erica has never been more excited about a segment than this one. this is her find, shoes with a wedgewood heel, jean tell us the story. >> erica's mother bought these shoes in saks fifth avenue, wore them in her wedding in 1954 and
erica wore them in her wedding. they were purchased for $100. >> even with the wear, these are really desirable and unfortunately in this instance while they are not actually the wedgewood backs, they were done in the manor of, and so therefore we say well, $150 in value even with wear those have actually increased in value, which is fine. >> erica has to be happy with that, 150 bucks, that's beautiful pictures. there she is. she's happy. 150 bucks richer, excellent. >> move on to this one, an incredible piece, a world series pin from the 1912 series that pit the boston red sox and the new york giants. >> william bought it at a flea market in massachusetts for $1 and it's worth substantially more. >> the reason it's worth more, i'll go over this quickly because it's all in one piece. normally you find the press pin at the top, the ribbon for the metal at the bottom, all intact,
$10,000. >> ten grand for that pin. what makes it so special? >> it was the second time they did this for the press ever in its entire history so it was just the second year they had done it. for this material if you're looking to get a good idea, this is esoteric and out of everyone's element, or artfact perfect places to google and see what happens. >> seven games in 1912, pretty good. we have to come back next time and do the gold calculator. >> tweet us your stuff. >> tweet us your stuff. if you have a family heirloom you think may have hidden value, go to, send us a picture and we may feature it next time. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
coming up, kathie lee
good morning to you. it is 9:56. i'm marla tellez. graffiti cleanup in the south bay could mean trouble for drivers. crews will be painting over a number of areas including in san jose along highway 101 at 13th street. they are going to be closing
lanes for the cleanup which runs through wednesday. caltrans has already started notifying drivers about the closures which will go from 10:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning. the city of san jose caltrans and union pacific railroad will share the cost of the cleanup. drivers can expect delays on the dumbarton bridge toll plazas workers install an automated toll collection system. a single lane will be closed from 9:30 a.m. until 6:00 a.m. the next day. that will happen from now through may 22nd. toll lane number six will be closed today. if you like yesterday's temperatures, you're going to like today. lets look at the forecast with christina loren. >> a good looking day shaping up. temperatures are going to be pretty comfortable, just as warm as yesterday. that means 85 on the way to livermore, 77 for fremont, right here in san jose we'll have 79 degrees. high pressure starts to break down and move to the east as we head throughout the next 48 hours. for us an area of low pressure arrives. that's going to drop off temps.
look at the difference as we head wednesday to thursday. temperatures fall into the low 70s. we'll stay cool through friday then warm back up just in time for the upcoming weekend. lets check that drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. getting back to the workweek, thinking about weekend weather and looking at the drive 880. the camera froze. maybe it will move. moving southbound with slowing 880 and 680 out of sunol and into fremont towards that mission merge. a smoother drive with slowing spots. 87, all the way downtown 101 towards the airport as well as coming up through mountain view and palo alto where the southbound side also slow. all earlier crashes have cleared, just debris around the shoreline. back to you, marla. >> thank you very much. back with our next local news update at 10:26.
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. >> welcome to fun-day monday, where hoda and me and my sty are so happy you're with us. for the second week, third week. >> please go to the doctor. >> i just got off the phone from dr. starr. he's the best eye doctor in the world. he says i'm going to be fine. >> so what's he going to do to it? >> i don't know, but he can have his way with it. it's fine with me. >> some people think they had a great weekend. but i don't think anybody had a
better weekend than savannah guthrie. >> i don't know if you guys heard -- >> big news around here. >> humungous news. >> bigger than anything. >> we would like to unveil to the country -- >> they've already seen it. >> savannah guthrie got engaged. >> hi! >> hi, ladies. >> oh, my gosh. we knew something was up with you today, you've been floating on a cloud. >> i'm supposed to go over here. hold on. >> come on over, your champagne is waiting for you. >> it's funny. because i didn't know what to do. i didn't know if i should tell anyone. so i decided to see if anyone would notice. >> no one noticed. so i get in -- >> and this is a rock. >> how did they not notice it? >> i know, it's, i have this weather system. it's a beautiful ring. >> it's an ice cube, really. >> mike your fiancé has great taste. >> my fiancé, say that again. >> hey, mike. >> hey, mike.
savannah's fiancé. >> hello. >> aw. >> michael feldman. a little lipstick on the teeth. >> he's used to it. >> how are you, michael, congratulations to you, too. >> why thank you so much. it's not bad being the luckiest guy in the world. >> were you nervous when you proposed, mike? >> yeah, i was nervous. i was a little nervous, to be honest. especially after the long pause. >> you knew she was going to say yes, right? the woman's desperate. >> well, i was hoping. you know, hoping, i assume there's a secondary market for diamonds like that. so -- i was, i was very, very, very happy when she finally said yes. >> so how did he do it? did he get on his knee? >> we went to turks and caicos. >> to this beautiful place. and we just love it there and the sun was setting and he was
like -- nice touch with the champagne by the sunset. and i was like maybe we should go to the barbie the pool. i just really had no idea, he truly shocked me. >> you've been talking about getting married. >> for four years. >> we talk about it all the time. that's why i didn't really -- it didn't really dawn on me that he was actually asking because i thought we were just talking about it. >> so he showed you the ring and that was the dead give-away. and he got on one knee and i thought we were still talking and then he brought out the box and then i didn't open it for a long time because i was overcome. >> you're an intelligent woman, when did it dawn on you he was asking you to get married? >> when the little box came out. >> and that's the best when he focused on him. not the ring.
>> mike, do you know when you guys are getting married? >> as soon as possible. >> well we have a couple of dresses picked out. >> yeah. >> we moved way ahead. >> we don't want to wait around. we thought this would be cute. we tried some dresses on you, we hope you don't mind. >> i think we have another one. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's very pretty. >> obviously someone else's body. >> hardly. >> and then you -- >> yes, and mike would look lovely in a royal red coat. >> that's been done. >> and i love that one. >> that is pretty. >> savannah, you can wear anything. >> such a phenomenal body. >> oh, please. oh, my gosh. that's like weird. >> we're so thrilled for you. >> cheers. >> mike we wish you were here for a champagne celebration. we wish you all the happiness in the world. >> we'll have it soon enough. >> keep on drinking, too.
the hard stuff, right now. >> now he's going to have to move up here, right? >> yeah. he will. he's already halfway, anyway. >> okay. because you're not going anywhere, missy. >> no, no, no. savannah, thank you. >> we love you. >> thanks. >> drink it on the go. >> thank you. >> are they underwear? i love this show. >> this is nbc news, if you don't mind. >> hi, sara. >> that was exciting. >> that's great. >> let's talk about your weekend, first. >> well you came with me on thursday night. >> yes, we did. to an event that means a great deal to me. there's an organization called the ijm, the international justice mission. that's my friend gary hougan who started it. he was the state department's point man after rwanda. to go to rwanda, to make sense, if that's in any way possible, out of the genocide there. he decided the only way to solve problems like that through the
world would be through the local justice system. he's a harvard lawyer and a brilliant guy and has the biggest heart of almost anyone i've ever known. he left the state department, told his wife that, and they had four children within three and a half years. >> wow. >> that god had sort of laid it on his heart to do something in this world. >> he made a big change. >> quite a few years ago and 500 lawyers later, they, he raised almost $1 million that night. they rescue victims of slavery and other violent abuse all over the world. it's an incredible organization. >> very, very, very moving. i was there for part of the evening it makes you feel like i can't believe this is all happening and why aren't i doing something to help. >> they go into like cambodia and rescue little 5-year-old girls from brothels. that kind of thing and you say yourself, what am i doing. what you can do is help them. >> it's a great organization. >> and you went to one of our favorite places -- the mission. >> they do this every
thanksgiving and every mother's day. where they serve food to families in need. and met some terrific, great people there great moms and kids. it was an entire family from queens that was displaced because of the hurricane. and they were all great people. so big congratulations to them. >> a beautiful spirit. >> and i want to thank my new dog trainer, jessica. >> have you gotten a bill yet? >> i got a dog trainer. this is what i say to jess kaxt she's al's dog trainer so i said great. we were sitting in my apartment. she was talking about all this stuff and i said don't you need to evaluate blake? and she said, no, i need to evaluate you. >> that's what cesar milan always says, you're the problem, not the dog. >> and i was like oh, she was like, what are you doing to him and i said i'm trying. now he runs in circles, he chases his tail. i tried to walk him. i got a new collar, he's running in circles.
>> you're supposed to walk the dog, not let him walk you. >> i have to tell you, but she did get me new treats. i will show you my favorite thing and they are helping. they are so good. he loves them. >> hopefully, do we have the pictures of the little dog that i got that day? we have an update of cinnamon lee. >> what, cinnamon lee? >> oh, my god. >> cinnamon lee apparently one day just up and jumped in the pool. look how much -- and that's ollie. >> he grew. >> he grew like crazy. and ollie had always been a single dog and they're like the best friends in the world and my friend karen says cinnamon lee is the greatest dog that ever lived. remember how worried i was that day. i did what you're never supposed to do is give a dog to somebody that doesn't want one. and it's turned out to be the greatest blessing. little cinnamon lee. favorite things, hoda-woman. >> one of them, if you're looking for a treat for your dog because your dog doesn't do what you ask him to do. >> because you're a terrible mother. >> they're called zukes.
salmon, chicken, peanut butter, different ones, they're $5.79. hold it up and he will do a circle in the air. >> maybe that's the problem. >> but for people, this is crazy, you guys, these are called dave's sweet tooth toffey. they came to my house, $5 for a pack, let's open and taste. please take a tiny bite. you're going to die. >> oh, my god. dave's sweet it's taufoffee. >> could you die? >> it's great. >> my god. what do you have? >> i have, this is the ultimate swim brief for guys to wear undertheir yong side, you can tell, bathing suits to prevent that awful chafing that you men go through. that's the back. >> this is the front.
>> not where i live. >> got to make some room, baby. but they're very soft and they're, they're from >> feel how comfortable. >> oh! >> the woman made them because her son and her husband and everybody were always complaining about the new kind of bathing suits where everything sort of flops around so you wear these under. >> that's such a smart idea. >> one for cody and one for frank. >> what do you have, sweetie? >> i have this originss ginsing cream. it's shimmery. >> could we look as beautiful as you? >> you dab it under your eye. >> since we are nbc news, we have to clear up something that happened last week. >> we've been hoaxed. >> you guys remember we showed
you the kiss cam from that minor league game or whatever. this one where she wanted to get kissed and she kept pointing and she picked up her cup of whatever it was and she dumped it on him. we believed her. >> as the rude -- >> person she is. >> well apparently this was all a joke. the grizzlies in fresno decided they wanted to entertain the audience. this was a supervisor in the promotions department dumping, she said she wanted the audience to get a laugh. >> good laugh. >> sorry about that. okay, so coming up, she's been lured back to television. as a killer prank. emmy award winning actress, as a killer prank. emmy award winning actress, gill [ wind blowing ] ♪
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emmy and golden globe winning actress, gillian anderson is coming back to television after ten years. >> she's guest starring in the nbc thriller "hannibal." take a look. >> hello. come on in. this always goes better if i'm perfectly honest with you. >> what would be the point of
that. >> well one of us has to be honest. >> i'm honest. >> not really. i have conversations with a version of you. and hope that the actual you gets what he needs. >> creepy. >> creepy, creepy. >> does she know what he needs, gillian? >> do you like yourself? >> how are you doing? >> the creep factor is very high. >> it is very high. >> what attracted you to the role? >> well i think ultimately it was the other actors that were involved. i think got me to read the script to begin with and then i mean playing hannibal's psychiatrist. i mean how cool is that? >> how juicy is that? >> what took you so long to come back to tv for ten years? what were you doing? >> a little busy raising a family. >> i live in london and i have three kids and i've been doing a lot of stuff over there. i've been doing stuff for the
bbc and it's aired over here but this is the first american tv thing that i've done. >> and it was the writing and the chance to work with the cast. >> it was the writing, brian fuller is amazing, very good writer. after having conversations with him and talking about how this might work in my life. i thought -- you know. >> and the new project you have coming up is going to be filming in belfast, right? tell us about the new project. >> there's a project that's airing tonight on bbc 2. and on netflix on i think may 28th, called "the fall." and i already shot it in belfast. >> by the way, netflix is such a new great place -- "house of cards" is on netflix. >> you can watch them all at once. >> tell us about that show. were you reluctant to do this netflix thing. i wonder if it's projects that actors are looking for. >> this was after the fact. it was purely just -- >> we have done five episodes. that's all it's going to be for this season. i play a detective
superintendant who is taken from the met in london up to belfast to do a 28-day review on a murder case. and then so netflix has bought it after the fact. and it's kind of the coolest home for it to be in. and i'm really excited to see. >> you shouldn't expect to see you in some little romantic comedy any time soon? >> it would be nice. because -- >> i want to take a trip there down you know, a little -- >> it's a tendency -- i would be more than happy to i like doing comedy. i've done a lot of comedy. people wouldn't know it, but i have. >> you have such a following. somebody who shall remain nameless, the minute they heard you were coming on. they said, i'm going to be a stalker. gillian anderson. >> she's right there. >> that must be very, very pleasing to you. to know you've had these kinds of fans that have stuck by you
forever. >> pleased to know i have stalkers. no, my fans are awesome. >> you have three children, your oldest, 18. >> i do. >> is that child interested in the business? >> fortunately not. she's most likelying to to be an artist and i have a six and a 4-year-old who are boys and they actually don't know what i do, which is great. >> that means you're doing something right. good for you. >> welcome back. >> "hannibal" airs thursday nights at 10:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. central here on nbc. who is our biggest admirer. you think you're the only one, gillian? we're going to reveal our fan of the week. hi i'm terry, and i have diabetic nerve pain. i worked a patrol unit for 17 years in the city of baltimore. when i first started experiencing the pain, it's hard to describe because you have a numbness but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point, i knew i had to do something. when i went back to my health care professional,
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it's time for our fan of the week, when we surprise one of your most dedicated viewers with a great trip. who is our winner? >> elena dresken from cleveland, ohio, who watched on wkyt, channel 3, elena even watches the show at 2:00 a.m. her favorite part is the chat. she always finds herself saying, i heard about this on kathie lee and hoda. elena watches with her yorkie, buffy. even bambino thinks she's the fan of the week. while the ladies are having fun playing myth or fact, she can point out that it's a fact she's our greatest fan and she likes
to read hoda's book with her favorite red wine. we're sending you two to marco island, florida, get ready for a five-night stay in a deluxe suite at the marco island marriott resort, the hotel is located on three miles of beachfront property with amazing views, it has a spa and access to two private golf courses, so kick back and enjoy this retreat. hotel and airfare were provided by the marco island marriott golf club and spa. >> didn't you used to work in naples? >> i covered a lot of stories on marco island. elena is going to love it. >> that's great. >> now from late-night to "american idol," big tv shakeups and celeb gossip. we tell but it in today's buzz. and the hottest accessories to look sizzling on the beach. and great summer getaways for every family's budget. >> and the latest member of the joy fit club who lost 280
pounds. >> we'll have all of it af new jolly rancher and new twizzlers bites are so soft, chewy, and filled with their fruity selves... they think this world isn't big enough for the both of them. but we assure you - it is. bites. little greatness. dithat's smooth and even.... maybelline new york launches the rocket mascara. the jumbo volume brush and latex-like formula load on... smooth, even,...explosive volume! 8x the volume. no clumps.
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area lands the super bowl in 2016 or 2017. if the bay area wins the bowl bid, it will be played in the new santa clara stadium. miami is the only other stadium in the running. the pledge money would be used to cover hosting costs and help other charity efforts. new details this morning about a few of the bay area's biggest problems. that's what we just talked about. we'll be right back after the break with weather and traffic.
welcome back now. the time is 10:28. look at the improvement. now partly cloudy sky on the way to mostly sunny skies. just about as warm as yesterday. that means 85 on the way for francisco. your forecast including a cooldown but first check traffic with mike. >> metering lights. on the san mateo side a crash in delaware, slowing through san mateo, pretty standard fare. no problems either crossing dumbarton. slowing northbound through mountain view. back to you. >> okay, mike. thanks so much. the first major sporting race in the area sincei. the boston marathon bombings rolls into town this week. the terrorist attack is on the mind of organizers making sure people watching tour of california are safe. we'll talk about the extra security for the cycling event
coming up in a half hour at 11:00. we will see you then. ♪ ♪ we're back on this fun-day monday, with today's buzz, prince harry is living it up in the u.s. while owl four judges are out on the "american idol." >> here with the celebrity scoop are bonnie fuller, editor in chief of "hollywood" and holly from gossip gram. we should start out with seth myers, big news on "snl." he's taking over the late-night spot, that jimmy fallon is moving on from. >> even though he's been the head writer for eight years and done the weekly update for seven, he doesn't do sketches. so it will be interesting to see how the show shifts to show what he's going to do. he may do more interviews or the
next season in "snl" maybe he'll start doing sketches to practice. >> hopefully he'll make it his, that's the important thing, if he tries to follow anybody else or -- be somebody else other than himself. it will not work. let's talk about barbara walters. >> a big announcement. were you guys surprised by that? >> i wasn't surprised. there's been a lot of rumors that she's going to step down. she's had a lot of health scares the last year and she's had to take some time off. she's 83, going out with a big bang, a whole year ahead. >> all right. >> she was a real trail blazer for women. her career started here on the "today show." >> what happens to "the view" you guys, does it stay? >> it stays. she'll going to continue to executive-produce it. and she said it was fantastic that the show would go on without her. >> it's her baby. she's the owner of it, so it behooves her.
>> what's up with beyonce. is she having baby number two? >> that's the rumor. the rumors started last week when fan pictures came out of her at concerts showing what look like a little bump and you know, she's banned regular photographers from taking pictures. >> that's kind of ridiculous, a little, isn't it? >> her little girl is about 16 months old. she's made it very clear that she wants a sibling for her daughter. there was the gown at the met balance here in new york. which had some people buzzing because of the high waist. but we have on "today show" on behalf of the "today show" reached out to her rep and mum's the word. >> "american idol," wow, you expected one but it looks like they're doing a whole cleaning house. >> at hollywood life, we're hearing that from our sources, first randi has confirmed that he's leaving and we've heard that it's going to be a clean slate. including maybe even from the top, executive producer and a whole change in format. the ratings are down, 25%.
>> they're going to have to do something drastic. >> fox is up front for advertisers today, they'll be talking about this and announcing this. >> any buzz about new judges? or is it too soon? >> there's a lot of buzz, we've even heard justin bieber selena gomez. >> all the names mean they want to go younger demographic? >> right and they also want to go cheaper. >> i don't think you're going to get justin bieber for cheaper. >> so lindsay lohan, wants out of betty ford. >> well -- >> the rumor, yeah. >> that's right. there are all of these rumors that she was so upset that her adderol was taken away. >> i hate it when they do that! >> she may not necessarily be wrong about the adderol and the rumors about that. i spoke to a renowned psychiatrist about the adderol who says she may be better off with it the mental health community is divided on its use
on whether it causes more trouble than it cures. that's something that she has to work out. she says it makes her calmer. >> they won't let her smoke. >> are you allowed to smoke at betty ford? >> i think betty ford is really strict and i think that's why -- >> that's what she needs. >> that's exactly what she needs. they say they want family therapy. they want to bring in dina, michael. >> that's dysfunctional. the whole group. >> maybe they'll get a suite there, all of them. >> she has to stay there first. >> and you have to do chores there and you got to be, you got to be like everybody else. nobody's a star there. >> and you have to make your own bed. believe it or not, some people don't know how to do that, hodie. >> uh-oh, hey. >> thank you so much. and beach cover-ups. i like a lot of cover-ups. a[ male announcer ]. at the 2012 world championship cheese contest,
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with one must-have accessory for you two for spring-summer -- >> they're readers. >> i love it. before you plan your outfit to go -- you will be all set with prints. >> they're great. >> hot. >> summer dresses. >> let's start with rosa. >> so rosa, the first trend which we have rosa right here in a $47 dress from alchemy. the trend here is flirty and ruffles and what i love about ruffles is especially at the start of the summer, it can camouflage any area that's your problem area. in a longer dress, shorter dress, but ruffles are the big trend. and going from day to night. the feeted sandal. >> and the blue toenails. >> you always can use your nails as an accessory and the cost is $39 from gilt. just taking a simple dress and sort of twisting it up. >> thank you, rosa.
>> next we have paris, rocking a nice beach cover-up. >> so music is very romantic. >> so this is the tunic, but usually it's a little boxy. so meet the tailored tunic. it comes in a little bit around the waist. >> and i like that. >> a cute little line in the arm. tight and flaired. >> a little personality. you can throw on a pair of white jeans and prints are so big. that's what you should look for. >> how about that. >> and then the dressed-up beach tote. not a lot of straw tote. there's a lot of harrodware and leather. $59 at gap. >> affordable. next up, shorts. everyone goes wrong with these. >> we have to show them. not a lot of people can wear short shorts. >> but laura can. >> you can also opt for a skirt or a longer pair of shorts. or a skort. >> skorts are very in. >> and then -- another big trend
here are the printed beach bag. this is from billabong for $54 and it makes an outfit pop and the sandals, you won't be seeing regular flip flops, you'll be seeing these accessorized sandals. >> let's talk about a sarong. this is phoebe. this is stunning. phoebe has a barbeque to go to. you take the corners like this, a regular square. wrap it around. and then just tie it around your neck and it's a dress. >> that's adorable. >> it's very easy to do. >> but phoebe is tornado and slender. >> you could actually use a bigger square if you want to. as a -- >> what are you saying? >> if you want it longer.
>> you look adorable. >> thank you, sweetie. >> let's bring out dara. she's got a maxi dress on. >> kathie lee loves maxi dresses. >> this is $59. love the maxi dress. the accessories here are the exotic earrings, $28 from lord and taylor. it's something you could throw in your beach bag and add them to dress it up. these trends, make them work for you. coming up, some great getaways for the summer. >> we'll show you how to splurge, not just splurge, it's better if you steal someone says. stealing isn't right. >> what are you talking about? >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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we don't have a ten step filtering process for our water. we don't need it. because crystal geyser is made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser is always bottled at the mountain source. the days are getting warmer, the kids are almost out of school and now's the time that lot of families are planning their summer vacation. >> from the west coast to the
caribbean, great options for families, no matter your budget. >> laura begley-bloom is a "travel and leisure" deputy editor. >> congratulations for your first mother's day. your little boy is seven months old. >> a splurge and a steal. so we can find out in the same general area. >> we start off in georgia the cloisters at sea island. resort known for its incredible golf course, really fantastic for kids, gorgeous beaches, they've got a vintage ice cream parlor and a movie theater and then our steal is not so far away, the jekyll island club this was built as a social club in the 1800s, for likes of the rockefellers and the vanderbilts. >> because they didn't have enough to do. >> these days it's great for everyone. only $199 for the starting rate. which is fantastic. and for girlfriend getaways,
fantastic biking, stunning beaches there. great for kids, too. in the summer they've got a cooking camp. >> how much is a splurge? are they really pricey? >> around $400 a night and they're worth every penny. >> they look like it. let's move on to the northeast. what's your splurge in new england? >> in maine, the hidden pond near kennebunkport. 36 glamorous cotsages, screened-in porches and outdoor showers, yoga, stand-up paddling. my favorite thing to do are the nightly bonfires, can you make s'mores, which we love. and our steal is off the coast. 12 miles off the coast of maine, a wonderful little hidden gem, nine-room hotel with clawfoot tubs and cath iron beds, also a foodie getaway. farm-to-table dinners. >> how much is that? >> $100 night, may and june. it goes up a little as the summer goes on. >> take us out west to the
pacific. >> pacific, we've got the four seasons biltmore in santa barbara. >> that's one my favorite places in the world. >> i love that place. >> look at the view. >> to die for. >> great access to the vineyards in the santa ynes valley. >> all the little fires are going on out there when you're having dinner and down the coast in laguna beach, a steal, $139 a night. >> in laguna? >> a joie da vie property. >> and the caribbean. >> two properties there, our splurge is in st. lucia, this is called sugar beach and i'm obsessed with this property. >> this is great. >> love it. beautiful white-on-white, mosquito net-draped beds.
>> look at that. >> right now it's a great time to go, it's a little bit cheaper than in the high season, it's $440 a night. >> you can go for one night if you want. >> it's worth it. >> and if you want to go for a couple of nights, down in anguilla. really expensive hotels, the founder of other hotels are opened a small boutique hotel, a gorgeous white sand beach with views from the higher rooms of the ocean. two pools, a stunning room. >> how much do those rooms run? >> $160 a night. >> wow. great. he lost 280 pounds with the help of his smartphone. >> what? >> the newest member of the joy fit club.
we're back with the newest member of the joy fit club.
someone who dropped more than half of his body weight. >> 44-year-old dale bitner of lexington, kentucky, he lost nearly 280 pounds. let's look at his unbelievable story. >> hi, my name is dale and my struggle with weight goes back to the first grade. my mom even had to make special little league uniform it is fit me. my weight fluctuated throughout high school and college, by the time i was in graduate school i weighed over 300 pounds. i had to get all of my clothes from the big and tall shop. eventually my weight was over 400 pounds, before getting married in 2006, i managed to lose about 70 pounds, but as soon as the honeymoon started, so did the old eating habits. a year and a half later i was topping out at 460 pounds. i had lost all hope of anything changing. in 2010, my wife started weight watchers and i agreed to follow with the program. i began to see progress and i began to see that change was possible and i started to deal with the underlying emotional
issues that were causing me to overeat. one year later i lost the first 100 pounds, in the february of 2012, i switched ed ted to an calorie counter. today i weigh 173 pounds and i just ran my first half marathon in march. by learning how to eat less and move more, i've been able to sustain a healthy life. >> wow. >> and the leader of our pack is "today" nutritionist, joy bauer. great to see you. >> he sounds like a lovely guy. >> this guy literally struggled with morbid obesity his whole life. a few years ago, the food clicked and the exercise clicked and he worked with a church program to resolve a lot of the emotional issues. i love that he talked about the app. lose it. i have a whole number of apps that viewers need to learn about because they're free. when you download them on a
smartphone on the computer, it track what is you're eating. >> instead of having to look it up. >> i like lose it. my fitness pal. spark people, fat secret, daily burn, and my diet diary, they're all free. >> on our website, just in case. these are his famous pumpkin granola bars, he doesn't buy any processed convenient snacks now, he makes this many, they're 150 calories and i'm going to tweet out the recipe. >> can we try them? >> they're delicious. >> look all of these wholesome ingredients. dark chocolate chips, cranberries and oats and pumpkin puree. >> this tastes fantastic. >> he's a fabulous cook. >> let's look at dale before, shall we? all right. dale, come join the joy fit club. >> oh, my gosh! how are you? >> where did dale go? >> dale? >> what happened to dale bittner? >> wow!
you look great. and these are mighty fine. i got to tell you. >> wow. >> you didn't have to give up things that you love, the tastes and things that you like? >> right, it was getting things more in proportion and making great choices. >> we're so happy for you. what's your next goal. you ran the half marathon? >> i'm thinking i want to try to do a full marathon in the fall. >> it's great. you're an animal. >> look behind you. >> hi, sweetie. >> congratulations. >> coming up tomorrow. >> also former
good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. for the very first time since the boston marathon bombings, a major sporting race rolls bought area, a reality that has organizers going above and beyond to make sure fans watching are safe and protected. bob redell live in san jose with the extra security measures put in place. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police informed us they would provide extra security before the time trials, more than last year because of what happened at the boston marathon. we spoke w